Arcoverde Chamber opens procedure to investigate councilor’s conduct after statement about disabled son

Arcoverde Chamber opens procedure to investigate councilor’s conduct after statement about disabled son
Arcoverde Chamber opens procedure to investigate councilor’s conduct after statement about disabled son

The Arcoverde City Council will open a procedure to investigate the conduct of the councilor Zirleide Monteiro (PTB) after she declared, in a speech in the plenary, that a child with a disability would be “God’s punishment” to a woman who would be his enemy.

The president of the Chamber, Wevertton Siqueira, stated that he participated in a meeting last Wednesday (1st) with the House’s legal team, and the lawyers presented an opinion asking for the procedure to be opened.

“An ordinance was also drawn up with the initial procedures for determining responsibility. We are seeking greater speed in investigating the case”, declared Siqueirinha on social media.

The President of the House also stated that the councilors who will make up the commission that will investigate the case will be chosen in a draw, held next Friday (3), at 10 am, in the Chamber plenary.

“In the name of transparency, the members will be drawn at a press conference”, declared the parliamentarian.

Lawyers asked for impeachment of the councilor

Yesterday, Jamildo’s blog reported that a commission of lawyers from the Brazilian Institute for the Defense of the Rights of People with Autism (IBDTEA) officiated the president of the Municipal Chamber of Arcoverde, Wevertton Siqueira (Podemos), demanding the opening of disciplinary administrative proceedings against the councilor because of the statement.

The letter sent to the City Council is signed by lawyers Mirella Lacerda, Franklin Façanha and Robson Menezes, members of the League of Lawyers Who Defend Autists (Ligatea). In addition to the administrative process, they ask the revocation of the councilor’s mandate for committing a crime against a person with a disability.

“It is important to highlight that this conduct adopted by the councilor reinforces the discrimination and prejudice faced by people with disabilities and their families over time”, states the collegiate.

“Such conduct directly violates the provision of Article 88 of the Brazilian Inclusion Law, which determines that it is a crime against people with disabilities: ‘Practicing, inducing or inciting discrimination against a person due to their disability: Penalty – imprisonment, from 1 to 3 years, and a fine. § 2º If any of the crimes provided for in the caput of this article is committed through the media of social communication or publication of any nature: Penalty – imprisonment, from 2 to 5 years, and fine’, says the note.

Remember the case

Councilwoman Zirleide Monteiro was speaking at the Arcoverde Municipal Chamber’s rostrum when she delivered the prejudiced statement. She said that a woman had shared, on social media, images of a fall she suffered in a previous session, classifying the memes as “laughing”.

“I don’t need to mention the citizen’s name, because God punishes him here in life. When she came with a disabled son, it was because she had some bills to pay with the one up there. She already came to suffer”, he said the councilor.

“Any teaching that we give in this life serves as a teaching for anyone, so that we don’t destroy other people with the mockery she made during the weekend. Whoever does it here pays right here”, he added.

Watch the moment

Councilor Zirleide Monteiro (PTB) used the platform during a session at the Arcoverde City Council, in the Sertão of Pernambuco this Monday (30), to talk about a fall she suffered and which became a meme and went viral last week .

In the middle of her speech, the parliamentarian showed indignation with the publications, accusing a chamber employee of spreading the images and referring to a political opponent, who had commented on the posts. The councilor said that a woman having a child with a disability would be a “divine punishment” for her.

“God’s Punishment, he is here in life. When she came with a disabled son it was because she had a bill to pay with the one up there. She already came to suffer”, he said.

On that occasion, the councilor was verbally reprimanded by the President of the Arcoverde City Council Wevertton Siqueira (POD) for her speech.

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After the statement, the president of the Chamber, Wevertton Siqueira (Podemos), asked to speak and repudiated the councilor’s speech.

“I want to make a request to you, in the form of respect for all mothers who have a disabled child. I think you were very unfortunate in your words when you said that a mother’s child was disabled because it is a punishment for a person to be bad or be good”, said Siqueira, being applauded by those present at the session.

“I believe you were very unhappy. I want to apologize, on behalf of councilwoman Zirleide, as president, to all mothers who have a disabled child here in Arcoverde, in Pernambuco and throughout Brazil. For the love of God” , continued the councilor.

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