Students receive free meetings

Students receive free meetings
Students receive free meetings

The year 2023 marks the resumption of one of the largest projects in the Sustainability area of Unimed Nordeste-RS. After a break due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Viver Bem na Escola returned to its activities, with students from the Desvio Rizzo Municipal Elementary School, in Caxias do Sul, as its backdrop. Initiative by Instituto Unimed/RS, carried out by Unimed Nordeste-RS in partnership with the municipal education departments of cities in the area where the medical cooperative operates, the project proposes a valuable space for reflection and discussion with students on topics related to health during the education phase. adolescence.

“Adolescence is a time of intense change, when young people are in search of their own identity and their place in society. This search for autonomy and belonging is often accompanied by challenges and doubts, which is why the Viver Bem na Escola Project plays a fundamental role in participating schools”, says Mirlene da Cunha, social worker in the Sustainability Management sector at Unimed Nordeste. -LOL.

The lecture program is constantly updated and, this year, for example, it includes healthy eating; responsibilities; physical activity; mental health in adolescence; sexuality; exposure on the internet and General Personal Data Protection Law (LGPD). Since its creation in 2012, Viver Bem na Escola has given lectures to 877 students in the 8th and 9th years of elementary school, in 14 public schools in the region.

“The project aims to be a safe and welcoming space, where young people can share their doubts, thoughts and experiences. By addressing these issues in a frank and constructive way, with the support of a multidisciplinary team and the school community, we are confident that Viver Bem na Escola will play an essential role in the formation of conscious, healthy citizens capable of making decisions that impact their lives in a positive way”, adds Mirlene.

First lecture addressed the topic of responsibilities at EMEF Desvio Rizzo

The first subject brought by the project to students at Escola Municipal de Ensino Fundamental Desvio Rizzo involved reflection on the responsibilities of teenagers in the school, family, social and even professional spheres.

“Knowledge gives young people the power to make better choices. The moment we open the dialogue on these themes proposed by Unimed, we are sure that they will think before acting, using this for their lives and multiplying knowledge for the family and the community in general”, points out Luciane Mattana, teacher responsible for the school’s Educational Guidance Service (SOE).

“As teenagers have access to social media, it is important for them to use it appropriately. I believe that the main thing is that they are aware that everything they do will have an impact at some point and that this is part of growth”, comments Cristina Schumacher, social worker in Preventive Medicine at Unimed Nordeste-RS and speaker.

Preventing teenage pregnancy is also on the agenda

The project’s most recent lecture, which took place last week, was led by the nurse from the Sesc/RS Health Care Management, Betina Berlitz.

“Getting closer to these young people, talking about the topic of sexuality in an expanded way, is always very important and necessary. Talking about teenage pregnancy is talking about prevention and promotion of public health, through habits such as the use of condoms and other contraceptive methods. It is timely and strategic that we invest in this age group, so that we have a future with a lower rate of teenage pregnancy and STIs (sexually transmitted infections)”, explains Betina.

The specialist in Social Responsibility at Instituto Unimed/RS, Carlos Carrano, evaluates the good results of the partnership between Unimed Nordeste-RS and the institute and points out significant results from the scope of the project, beyond the cooperative’s area of ​​activity:

“Living Well at School is circulating throughout the state, reaching more than 500 young people from Rio Grande do Sul in this second semester alone. These are issues that transform the life plan of these young people. We really believe that information is capable of impacting their lives”, he adds.

This year’s edition of Viver Bem na Escola promoted by Unimed Nordeste-RS should end in November, with two more meetings to come: physical activity and mental health in adolescence.

Below, check out the complete list of schools covered by the Viver Bem na Escola Project in the region:

2012 – Nova Roma do Sul – Nova Roma School

2013 – Antônio Prado – EMEF João XXIII

2013 – Antônio Prado – EMEF Aparecida

2014 – Farroupilha – Escola Contraturno

2014 – Farroupilha – Escola Medianeira

2014 – Nova Petrópolis – Padre Werner School

2015 – Caxias do Sul – João de Zorzi School

2016 – Farroupilha – Carlos Fetter School

2017 – Farroupilha – Carlos Fetter School

2018 – Caxias do Sul – EMEF Érico Verissimo

2018 – Flores da Cunha – EMEF 1st of May

2018 – Flores da Cunha – EMEF Francisco Zilli

2019 – Caxias do Sul – EMEF President Tancredo de Almeida

2019 – Caxias do Sul – EMEF Machado de Assis

2023 – Caxias do Sul – EMEF Desvio Rizzo

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