Murdered man was being threatened with death


Nestor de Moraes Aguiar was 40 years old

The Civil Police continues to investigate and is moving quickly in the search to identify the person who ordered and carried out the murder of Nestor de Moraes de Aguiar, better known as Nestorzinho, who was born in Venâncio Aires and was 40 years old. The homicide took place around 9 pm on Tuesday, on a property in the town of Cerro do Chileno, in the interior of Vale Verde.

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There is already an investigative line into who could be behind the murder. The civil police already know that Nestor was being threatened with death by a man. The identity of this suspect, however, is kept completely confidential, so as not to harm the progress of the investigation. On Tuesday night, two armed criminals arrived at the victim’s residence on a black and white motorcycle.

They approached the owner of the house and asked if he knew where he had a cart for sale. Afterwards, one of the criminals fired two shots at Nestor. Then they fled. Staggering, the man entered his house and fell to the floor. His companion Daniela Baracy Sins, 35 years old, still tried to help. However, the victim succumbed to his injuries and died at the scene.

The death was confirmed by a doctor from the Basic Health Unit (UBS) of Vale Verde. Military Brigade, Civil Police and General Institute of Expertise (IGP) were called and attended the crime scene. Experts identified a projectile at the scene. Nestorzinho’s wake and burial took place this Wednesday, the 1st. The body was buried in the Mellos Cemetery, in Vale Verde. He left his father, mother, partner and three children in mourning.


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