Super Sete 466 result today (01/11/23); prize of R$8 million

Super Sete 466 result today (01/11/23); prize of R$8 million
Super Sete 466 result today (01/11/23); prize of R$8 million

Super Sete lottery result, competition 466, today, Wednesday, November 1, 2023 (01/11/23). Prize is R$8 million.

The numbers are drawn by Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF), around 8 pm (Brasília time), and you can check the numbers drawn below:

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Super Sete result today (01/11/23): Contest 466

C-1: 3
C-2: two
C-3: 0
C-4: 6
C-5: 3
C-6: 6
C-7: 3

Caixa carries out the live draw directly on YouTube:

Super Seven result Monday (30/10/23): Contest 465

C-1: 1
C-2: 6
C-3: 1
C-4: 0
C-5: 8
C-6: 5
C-7: 8

Super Sete result Friday (27/10/23): Contest 464

C-1: 7
C-2: 7
C-3: 8
C-4: 4
C-5: 7
C-6: 1
C-7: 6

Super Sete result Wednesday (25/10/23): Contest 463

C-1: 6
C-2: 6
C-3: 8
C-4: 1
C-5: 9
C-6: 6
C-7: 4

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How to bet on Super Sete?

The Super Sete steering wheel has seven columns with ten numbers (from 0 to 9) in each. It is necessary to fill in all columns with at least one number in each to have a valid bet. One, two or three numbers can be filled in each column.

However, to be able to fill in two numbers in a column, it is necessary that all the others have at least one number filled in. To fill in three numbers in a column, all others must have at least two numbers filled in.

In Super Sete draws, seven numbers are drawn, one from each column. It is possible to win by matching three, four, five, six or seven columns.

The three-hit range has a fixed prize of R$5.00, while the other ranges are proportional: winners of four, five and six columns divide, in each range, 15% of the remaining amount after paying the fixed prizes.

Meanwhile, whoever has seven hits wins 55% of the prize. The total prize, adding the fixed and proportional ranges, corresponds to 43.35% of the collection. If there are no winners in the main range of seven matches, the prize rolls over to the next draw.

As with other types of Caixa Lotteries, it is possible to do Surpresinha (allow the computer to randomly choose numbers for the bet) and Teimosinha (bet on different contests with the same combination of numbers). There is also the possibility of betting on Bolão, with proportional odds on several bets at once.

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>> Super Sete lottery results, contest 465, Monday, October 30 (10/30/23).

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