Death or coup? Case of the doctor who disappeared at sea completes 1 year without an answer


The last time he was seen, leaving the marina with his boat, his fishing companion was just the nurse Max Wong — who, since then, has limited himself to repeating what he already said, and has contributed little to clarifying the mystery further. of the doctor’s disappearance.

Another possibility

The court’s suspicion is that Marvin Moy may be alive and hidden, and that, with the nurse’s complicity, he staged the accident and simulated his own death, using the boat to escape — a plan that, a year later, still cannot be carried out. be denied nor proven, although the doctor’s past has given clear signs of his sympathy for scams.

Or that he was no longer on board when the accident simulation occurred — which would also turn the nurse into an accomplice in a huge hoax.

But there is another even more surprising thesis for the doctor’s death — who, in this case, would have actually died: that the survivor Wong could have unintentionally caused the accident that killed Moy, and that is why he would be avoiding his testimony.

Accident or recklessness?

According to this theory, defended particularly by the doctor’s friends, Nurse Wong would have been responsible for driving the boat that night, while Moy rested in the cabin, due to the weakness caused by diabetes.

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