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WDOX23 and WINZ23: The best prices this Wednesday

WDOX23 and WINZ23: The best prices this Wednesday
WDOX23 and WINZ23: The best prices this Wednesday

Good morning guys!

Today, we bring you an analysis based on the market closing on 10/31/2023. Our approach combines Technical Analysis with the powerful tools of Elliott and Fibonacci Waves, offering valuable insights into USD/BRL and future indices.

The future dollar (WDOZ23) with a closing reference on 10/31/2023 at a maximum of 5,089, a minimum of 5,027 and an adjustment of 5,056.

This Wednesday (11/01/2023), if the future dollar breaks and remains above 5,075, we will have resistance points in the price regions 5,107, 5,142 and 5,176.

The dollar today losing 5,039, if it breaks below, it may seek support points in the price regions of 5,005, 4,978 and 4,939.

The future Ibovespa (WINZ23) with a closing reference on 10/31/2023, making a maximum of 114,980, minimum of 113,415 and adjustment of 114,647.

This Wednesday (01/11/2023), breaking and working above the 114,956 price region, it may encounter resistance in the 115,647, 116,246 and 117,150 price regions.

Missing 114,123, the Index may seek price support regions 113,375, 112,751 and 112,105.

Disclaimer: The expert declares that the studies carried out in this article reflect, solely and exclusively, his personal opinions. Ricardo Ito, using the trading platform only to illustrate his teachings, not configuring a recommendation to buy or sell any asset. It is important to highlight that operating in the financial market involves risks and there is nothing that can guarantee profitability. Furthermore, the information contained in this article was prepared in a specific context, and any changes may be made without prior notice.

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Written by:
Ricardo Ito

The article is in Portuguese

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