If it’s enough to live – Tribuna do Norte

If it’s enough to live – Tribuna do Norte
If it’s enough to live – Tribuna do Norte

Vicente Serejo

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When we get older, and in order not to lose the joy of living, it is better to accept that we will not become more beautiful or uglier than we deserve to live. The features may become more pronounced, if it is good to recognize, after all, each piece of time lived is a face that is worn away, made little by little by the years of life. Some, it must be the case of the chronicler, I don’t know, look like a sad dog. It’s as if they reveal all the nakedness of the years that remain until the end.

Old age does not weigh on the soul, Sometimes it is not even noticed, when the conscience arrives and never leaves: certainties flee and doubts sit at the side, companions of every day. Eloy de Souza, in a long letter to his friend Adauto Câmara, and after confessing what he felt – the sad physical and existential losses, at some point he gets tired of listing them and soon ends the subject, with a confession: it’s old age, Adauto , the worst of all diseases.

It is understandable that some feed the joy of living by repeating, as if it were an old poultice, that they do not feel old age. Sit down. It lives somewhere in the soul, hidden between the gaps of time. When nothing in the verses of the old sonnet by Father Antônio Tomaz warns, like a hammer crushing time that will never return, like a sad and desperate confession: “The disappointments go with us ahead / and the hopes are left behind”.

Now, how many times have I heard my father repeat the entire sonnet of the priest from Ceará, who was a dedicated accountant, someone given to poetry. He carried, it is true, a few sonnets that he knew by heart, and which he kept as if he had, in his own heart, a small ivory box. The kind that existed in the chest of drawers in family homes. And from there, certain days, when life seemed dull, he would seek out their hoarse voices, so old, blown by longing.

It doesn’t hurt to leave the scene. Does not hurt. It may even be comforting to know that the damask curtain, the old curtain, has its time to close. Yes, but life continues on the other side, under the spotlight, away from the spotlight. But, it’s all part of the show, until all the lights in the audience go out and absolute darkness remains. Living is a beautiful spectacle that is worth experiencing. Intensely. Even if one life is not enough, as the poet Mário Quintana warned.

Aging without fear means not counting the days so as not to try to know when the last one will be. No counting seconds, minutes, hours. Live intensely until the last moment. It’s true that getting older is preparing yourself for the great journey of never again, even though some hope for another beginning. There is always a day that ends, another that begins. After all, “hopes are with us ahead and disappointments are left behind”. The joy of living will always be greater…


BLUE – The Brazilian Society of Urology, in RN, launches on the sixth, at the Medical Association, the Blue November 2023 Campaign. With a discussion about prostate cancer today.

REASON – The idea is to clarify early prostate cancer screenings due to the note issued by the Ministry of Health on clarifying early screening.

ASTROLOGY – From the young fox, made in the Quebradas: “The only major turning point would be for Álvaro Dias to have his own candidate and elect him in the second round. Furthermore, the role will be supporting.”

ATTENTION – Wesley Safadão’s advisor informs that he has recovered from the stress and announces that he will return to the stage. It is the greatest symbol of official Natal culture. Bigger than Cascudo.
STRONG – Multicultural barbarism achieved one thing: occupying the only space left for popular tradition groups. False cultural tourism, uneducated and servile, only serves its bosses.

NOTICE – The Atena Institute receives post-infarction volunteers for studies on the effectiveness of treatments against the risk of new cardiovascular events. Information at (84)99992-0089.

POETRY – From the anthology ’50 Poems of Revolt’, several authors, this cry by Francisco Alvin rings the ears: “Anyone who is not seriously concerned / and perplexed / is not well informed”.

TEAT – De Nino, the melancholic philosopher from Beco da Lama, laughed when a friend at the table said: “The Boca na Teta Project is the big fish in Potengi. The rest is rubbish.”


WATCHED – Record the complaint by journalist Ruy Castro, now a member of the Brazilian Academy of Letters, when he reveals, now that the arapongagem has been discovered and is being investigated: he felt watched several times by the clandestine information service in the government of Jair Bolsonaro.

FOLLOWED – Castro claims that he felt followed several times and invokes the former president’s own statement when confessing to having a “private intelligence” service that monitored around thirty thousand people. Among politicians, ministers of higher courts, journalists and even military personnel.

LUCK – What made monitoring difficult was not using a cell phone: “In my case, the problem is that I don’t use a cell phone. Never used. I am one of the last living beings who, to this day, does not depend on this device to breathe.” And he concludes, ironically and with humor: “Which allowed me to get around with impunity”.

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