MEI needs to pay attention to this URGENT ALERT from the Federal Revenue Service

MEI needs to pay attention to this URGENT ALERT from the Federal Revenue Service
MEI needs to pay attention to this URGENT ALERT from the Federal Revenue Service

Recently, the Federal Revenue issued an alert aimed at entrepreneurs registered as individual microentrepreneurs (MEI) and those covered by Simples Nacional, highlighting a new scam that is spreading: fraudulent messages via WhatsApp, promising the payment of taxes at a discount through Pix.

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Federal Revenue issues URGENT ALERT to all MEI in the country

With the attractive promise of savings, scammers have intensified the sending of misleading messages, offering business owners the opportunity to make payments with substantial discounts. However, the Revenue incisively emphasizes that this practice is not carried out by them, making it clear that the offer is, in fact, a scam.

The Federal Revenue, in fact, does not send invoices or Simples Nacional Collection Documents (DAS) to those who are MEI, entrepreneurs or any other modality, via email or WhatsApp. Furthermore, the institution does not grant exemptions or reductions in fines and interest linked to payments via Pix.

“The discharge of DAS or DAS-MEI to regularize debts is carried out exclusively on the Simples Nacional Portal or on the e-CAC Portal, through access with a verification code, digital certificate or account, with silver or gold classification ”, as highlighted in the official statement.

Such scams can result in serious financial losses for business owners, who, fooled by the prospect of discounts, end up sharing banking information with fraudsters and transferring money to fraudulent accounts.

The speed and ease offered by criminals exploit the rush and desire to save, especially for businesspeople, many of whom are MEI, making the scam even more attractive.

To protect yourself, it is essential to stay well informed and aware that messages that promise easy financial benefits are often scams.

It is essential to check the origin of the message and treat any payment request via WhatsApp or email with suspicion.

In such situations, the most prudent action is to contact directly the institution mentioned in the message to confirm the veracity of the information and avoid falling for scams that aim to harm MEI business owners.

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