Average price of solar energy falls 11% for homes in the 3rd quarter


The Southeast region is the second most economical in the country, with a 13% reduction in the average price of the solar energy bill, reaching R$3.14 per watt-peak

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The average price of solar energy in Brazil for homes fell by 11% in the third quarter of this year compared to the previous quarter. The reduction was highlighted by Radar, an indicator prepared by Solfácil, the largest solar energy ecosystem in Latin America.

According to the survey, the current value of solar energy is R$3.17 per watt-peak (Wp). This price reduction, in fact, was driven by the decline in the dollar and the cost of international shipping, which fell by approximately 77% in 2022 alone.

Factors such as the increase in production capacity, in addition to the dynamics between inventory and turnover, also contributed to the drop in prices. The price of polysilicon, for example, which is the main raw material for the production of photovoltaic solar panels, remained stable during the period analyzed.

According to Solfácil, the reduction in the average price of solar energy can be observed in all regions of the country. The Central-West, for example, stands out as the region with the lowest average price, presenting: R$ 3.05 per Wp , representing a drop of 10%. The Southeast appeared as the second most economical region, with a 13% reduction in the average price, reaching R$3.14 per Wp.

The North region has the most expensive solar energy in the country

The Northeast had a drop of 12%, with an average cost of R$3.17 per Wp, and the South region had an average price of R$3.16 per Wp, with a reduction of 12%. On the other hand, the North region had the highest average price in the country, reaching R$3.33 per Wp, a drop of 9%.

For the CEO and founder of Solfácil, Fabio Carrara, the drop in the price of solar energy makes the option even more accessible. He considers that Brazilians are increasingly looking to save money and reduce energy dependence. To give you an idea, compared to conventional electricity, solar energy can generate savings of up to 90% on your electricity bill.

Minas is the second state that generates the most installed power

Minas Gerais is the second Brazilian state with the highest installed solar energy capacity. The territory of Minas Gerais accounts for 13.4% of all installed power in the country, according to the Brazilian Photovoltaic Solar Energy Association (Absolar). According to the entity, the State has more than 253.2 thousand operational connections spread across all 853 municipalities in Minas Gerais.

According to the entity, since 2012, its own generation of solar energy has provided Minas Gerais with more than R$15.9 billion in investments. Furthermore, more than 93 thousand jobs were created and more than R$2.8 billion collected in public coffers from the projects.

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