Federal Lottery Result 5813 today (01/11/23); prize up to R$500 thousand

Federal Lottery Result 5813 today (01/11/23); prize up to R$500 thousand
Federal Lottery Result 5813 today (01/11/23); prize up to R$500 thousand

The result of contest 5813 of the Federal Lottery was drawn tonight, Wednesday, November 1, 2023 (01/11/23). Prize of up to R$500 thousand.

The ticket numbers were drawn by Caixa Econômica Federal (CEF) from 7 pm (Brasília time).

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Federal Lottery Result today (01/11/23): Competition 5813

  • 1ST PRIZE: 92854 R$500,000.00
  • 2ND PRIZE: 61619 R$ 27,000.00
  • 3rd PRIZE: 69443 R$ 24,000.00
  • 4TH PRIZE: 35260 R$ 19,000.00
  • 5TH PRIZE: 50266 R$ 18,329.00

Caixa carries out the draw live on YouTube:

Federal Lottery Result Saturday (10/28/23): Competition 5812

1ST PRIZE 42921 R$500,000.00
2ND PRIZE 27999 R$ 27,000.00
3rd PRIZE 47866 R$ 24,000.00
4TH PRIZE 40144 R$ 19,000.00
5TH PRIZE 05914 R$ 18,329.00

Federal Lottery Result Wednesday (10/25/23): Competition 5811

1ST PRIZE: 19863 – R$500,000.00
2ND PRIZE: 59751 – R$ 27,000.00
3rd PRIZE: 48199 – R$ 24,000.00
4TH PRIZE: 18398 – R$ 19,000.00
5TH PRIZE: 32737 – R$ 18,329.00

Federal Lottery Result Saturday (10/21/23): Competition 5810

1ST PRIZE: 51238 – R$ R$ 1,350,000.00
2ND PRIZE: 36755 – R$ 15,500.00
3rd PRIZE: 60794 – R$ 14,000.00
4TH PRIZE: 46920 – R$ 13,000.00
5TH PRIZE: 72874 – R$ 12,227.00

Results of other lotteries of the day

How to bet on the Federal Lottery? See step by step

  1. With the Federal Lottery there are several chances of hitting the main prize, or even winning by matching one of the five main prizes;
  2. the thousands, hundreds and tens of any of the numbers drawn in the five main prizes;
  3. tickets whose numbers contain the final ten identical to one of the 3 (three) previous tens or the 3 (three) tens following the ten of the number drawn for the 1st prize, with the exception of those awarded by the previous and subsequent approximation or the unit of the first award.
  4. The draws are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays, with main prizes of R$350,000 and R$700,000, respectively.

Receiving Federal Lottery prizes

You can receive your prize at any accredited lottery outlet or at Caixa branches.

If the net premium is higher than R$1,332.78 (gross R$1,903.98) payment can only be made at Caixa branches.

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