Fat cattle arroba prices: check

Fat cattle arroba prices: check
Fat cattle arroba prices: check

O physical cattle market There was a good turnover recorded this Wednesday (1st), something that is usually atypical on the eve of a long holiday.

In many states, negotiations took place below the average reference prices.

“The slaughterhouses still operate with relatively comfortable slaughter scales and signal the maintenance of the strategy of systematically reducing the prices offered for cattle”, said the analyst at Safras & Mercado, Fernando Henrique Iglesias.

As a counterpoint, the analyst highlights that the demand for beef over the last two months is always strong given the entry of the 13th salary, bonuses and the creation of temporary job vacancies as drivers of consumption.

  • In São Paulo, Capital, the average price per arroba of beef was R$234.
  • In Goiânia, Goiás, the indication was R$ 230 for the arroba of beef cattle.
  • In Uberaba (MG), the indication was R$230.
  • In Dourados (MS), the indication was R$226.
  • In Cuiabá, the indication was R$205.


Wholesale beef prices continued to fall. However, there is still expectation around price recovery, due to the rise in consumption in the domestic market.

The hind quarter was quoted at R$18.00 per kilo. The forequarter was priced at R$12.75 per kilo, a drop of R$0.25. The needle point was priced at R$12.75 per kilo, a drop of R$0.25.

Meat export

Exports of fresh, frozen or chilled beef from Brazil generated US$855.884 million in October (21 working days), with a daily average of US$40.756 million.

The total quantity exported by the country reached 186,204 thousand tons, with a daily average of 8,866 thousand tons.

The average price per ton was US$4,596.50. In relation to October 2022, there was a 29.7% drop in the average daily price of exports, a 10.6% drop in the average daily quantity exported and a 21.4% drop in the average price.

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