A good sleep that is priceless

A good sleep that is priceless
A good sleep that is priceless
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Bed, mattress, duvet and sheet set; new releases for sleeping with maximum comfort and sophistication

Signature beds, technology used that monitors the user’s body temperature, new fibers in addition to cotton that bring benefits to sleep and the body. The bedding and linen industries have presented launches that go far beyond the beauty of the product.

Thinking about applying technology to improve sleep quality, Mundo do Enxoval brings to the Brazilian market, exclusively, the Clima Balance duvet. Filled with Polish goose down, the new product has technology that adapts to body temperature, both in summer and winter. “With it, human movement during sleep, caused by the sensation of cold/heat, decreases considerably and the person sleeps more deeply”explains Karen Jorge, product consultant at Mundo do Enxoval.

Clima Balance duvet, from R$ 30 thousand, at Mundo do Enxoval

Therefore, bed and mattress industries have been investing heavily in innovations that improve the sleep of Brazilians, especially those who have few hours of rest. For example, Bell`Arte Dreams developed mattresses with infrared tablets, controlled by human heat, which activate molecules for greater relaxation. “A few years ago, the segment was trivialized, there wasn’t even certification for mattresses. Today, beds have gained the status of protagonists in the bedroom; some even have a signed design”explains Thayse Freiberger, marketing director at Grupo Bell`Arte.

The quality of the raw material and the evolution of bedding technologies have become increasingly allies to a good night’s sleep. For high-tech mattresses, infrared tablets guarantee extraordinary regenerative rest and the feeling of waking up refreshed, as they accelerate muscle recovery and stimulate blood circulation, as in the Apolo mattress, for example. The layer in Pulse Gel Infused Thermoregulating Latex D65 (considered the best thermoregulating material on the market), this latex has thousands of gel cells that add characteristics that adapt to the temperature of the body and the environment.

Apolo mattress, by Bell’Arte Dreams, with infrared tablets

Another novelty from the brand, brings the sophistication of the design signed by Arthur Casas, Gica is a bed with a contemporary design. The detachable headboard is made up of an innovative plug system – the same used in planes, cars and trains – and a precise finish that contributes to its long-term maintenance, as the front part can be easily disconnected and its fabric covering removed to washing. In the King size, the launch reaches R$55,768.00.

Knowing that a complete bed can contain up to 30 items, the main role has always been in the sheet game. Among the most sophisticated fibers that guarantee maximum comfort, silk leads the way. Inspired by Italian design and refinement, the Palazzo Reale bedding set, from the Maison line, from Mundo do Enxoval brings the softness and satin shine characteristic of silk. In king size, this dream launch costs R$ 9,953.00.

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