Find out who the drunk BMW driver is who broke the traffic stop in DF | Police

Find out who the drunk BMW driver is who broke the traffic stop in DF | Police
Find out who the drunk BMW driver is who broke the traffic stop in DF | Police

The BMW driver who fled a traffic stop and ran over a military police officer last Saturday night (28)It was identified. This is Raimundo Cleofás Alves Aristides Júnior, 41 years old. He is an engineer and businessman in the construction industry and has a company in Brasília. According to information from the Transparency Portal, obtained by Metrópoles, the company has already been involved in auctions at Banco do Brasil, the Air Force Command, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Culture.

Businessman who broke the blitz in DF (Photo: Reproduction)

Island, the passenger in the vehicle had two jobs. During the day, he worked in a large supermarket in the administrative region, and at night, in a pizzeria located in Jardins Mangueiral. The pizzeria was owned by a friend of Raimundo Cleofás, who, like Islan, also lived in the same region.

Islan, victim of shooting by police (Photo: Reproduction)

After breaking the police blockade, the agents shot at the vehicleeven hitting the military police officer who was run over, who fired his gun while still on the ground. One of the shots, however, hit Islan, who died before reaching the hospital, while Raimundo fled the scene.

Public security sources informed the Metropolises where BMW had 15 fines outstanding registered in the Detran and the debts totaled R$2,000. Although it is not in Raimundo’s name, the car is his property. Through the recording, it is possible to hear the police officers ordering the driver to get out of the vehicle. The soldiers then shot at the fleeing BMW.

Eight military police officers involved in Islan’s death were removed from duty. Head of the Traffic Policing Command (CPTran) of the PMDF, Colonel Edvã Sousa states that the measure is part of the procedural rite of the investigation. The soldiers will undergo psychological evaluation within the corporationand the tests will tell if they are capable of returning to the streets.

The colonel added that the police officers opened fire on the vehicle after Raimundo did not comply with the order to stop. The police officers who fired the shots were the subject of a Military Police Inquiry to investigate the circumstances of the incident, and their weapons were seized for analysis.

“With the technical report, we will say if they will return [para as ruas] or they will proceed to the administrative part. [da PMDF]. Today, they are away not because they are being investigated, but because of the process. This is the established rite for investigations like this”, said Edvã Sousa.

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