Escape after robbery ends in fatal accident on BR-470 in Ibirama


An assault ended in a fatal accident on BR-470, in Ibirama, this Wednesday (1st), reported the Military Police. A car and a trailer collided in the so-called Serra de São Miguel and, according to the PM, there were two occupants in the smaller vehicle. Both would have stolen the car moments before in Laurentino, also in Alto Vale. One of them died instantly.

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The accident happened shortly before 2pm at Km 123, said Ibirama volunteer firefighters. The victims would have been trapped in the hardware. The driver is 17 years old and was taken by Samu to the hospital. The unidentified passenger died before help arrived.

According to the PM commander, Guilherme Hoffmann, the first information is that the pair had stolen the car in Laurentino and, as a result, resulted in a chase.

Truck and car collided this afternoon (Photos: Disclosure)

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While the police were after the suspects, already on the highway, the accident involving the truck happened. The Federal Highway Police reported that agents were still responding to the incident this afternoon and, therefore, did not provide details on the episode.

With the impact, the car stopped on the side of the track, completely damaged. The traffic got slow at the place.

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