Messi’s new restaurant causes controversy on networks because of prices


The “Golden Ball” dessert costs R$190.00. (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

The star Lionel Messi opened a new restaurant and unlike the player, who never entered into controversies on the field, outside of it, his business is causing on social networks. And the reason is the prices. Local consumers are finding the values ​​high. A pasta dish costs over R$97.00, and a lobster ravioli for R$240.00.

The Argentine player’s restaurant became famous for its prices after an influencer visited the place and posted her feedback on social networks. The values ​​caused a scare in most internet users who interacted in the post.

On her visit to the restaurant in Barcelona, ​​she ordered a R$190.00 chocolate gold ball for dessert, which would be one of the great attractions of the place. Fans said they would only pay that amount if Messi himself was serving.

Messi’s future

Political and sporting leaders in Saudi Arabia are confident that Lionel Messi, of Paris Saint-Germain, will play in the country from next season. According to the newspaper Marca, from Spain, the Argentine star has a contractual proposal on the table equivalent to 300 million euros to work at Al-Hilal from 2023/24.

Also according to the publication, the idea of ​​the Saudis is that the local league be the scene again of the Messi x Cristiano Ronaldo rivalry, since the Portuguese star defends Al-Nassr, Al-Hilal’s biggest rival. There is optimism in the country, given the Argentine situation with PSG; Messi is unlikely to remain in Paris at the end of this season.


However, there are roadblocks in the way of the Saudi League. Barcelona is still interested in Messi’s eventual return to Camp Nou and there is also the possibility of the world champion playing for Argentina in Major League Soccer, in the United States. Lionel Messi on the pitch for PSG this season.

The Saudis would not be willing to “stop” at the Messi-CR7 duo. Also according to the newspaper, clubs in the country are interested in bringing other big names in Spanish football, who are leaving the country, such as Busquets, Jordi Alba, Nacho, Benzema, Modric and Morata.

Lionel Messi is 35 years old and his football future remains uncertain amid his imminent departure from Paris Saint-Germain at the end of the 2022/23 season. The Argentine has been booed and protested by French fans over his underwhelming performance in the PSG shirt.

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