Mother reveals who is the suspect in the murder of Jeff Machado: “He played friend”

Mother reveals who is the suspect in the murder of Jeff Machado: “He played friend”
Mother reveals who is the suspect in the murder of Jeff Machado: “He played friend”

Mother reveals suspect of the actor’s killer who was found inside the trunk; see what she said

Mother of Jeff Machadothe retired teacher Maria das Dores Machado she is perplexed by the tragic end of her son’s disappearance. In her first interview after the body was found, she was emphatic.

Still in shock, she seeks answers to the brutal crime – her son’s body was found inside a trunk and concreted in the backyard of a house.

“What did the person want? His house, his car, his money? It was a very cruel and very mean person who did this to my son”, she said to ‘Who’.

In the interview, she even recalled her son’s effort to build a career. “Jeff was a good guy, studious, hardworking, he came to Rio to study, he studied Journalism, Cinema and Production, he wanted to be an actor. He was very dedicated. Jeff’s work was always perfect. And for him to be taken out of the world in that way so cruel, by a psychopath”, she stated.

The actor’s mother even hinted that there is a suspect for the crime. “What’s missing in the world is love. Nothing justifies what they did to him. It’s very sad. The supposed criminal pretended to be Jeff’s friend. He’s a psychopath”lamented.

Yesterday, the mother of the actor Jeff Machado was photographed at an airport in Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday night, the 24th. She was seen emotional and shaken by everything that is happening in the family’s life after the actor’s death.

On social media, the actor’s family published a strong outburst. “Jefferson was coldly and brutally murdered by envious, evil and, of course, unscrupulous people. We will provide more information soon. The RJ Paradeiro Police did an excellent job! is what Jeff needs right now. I’m Cintia Hilsendeger, a friend of Jeff and the family and I’ve been on Jeff’s social media all the time collecting information”says the message.

body found

g1 reported that the family’s lawyer confirmed that the Whereabouts Discovery Police Station (DDPA) found the artist’s body. The trunk was buried in a house and the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro confirmed that it is the artist’s body through fingerprints. The family has already been notified of the incident.

Who was Jeff Machado?

Born in Araranguá, Santa Catarina, Jeff Machado Costa was a journalist, producer, screenwriter and actor. He moved to Rio de Janeiro to study journalism and cinema at a university. However, he lived in Florianópolis and returned to Rio accompanied by his six dogs. He became famous for acting in the soap opera kingsfrom RecordTV.

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