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Zambelli calls for a pro-Deltan act and is criticized by Bolsonaro allies: ‘I’m not a traitor’

Zambelli calls for a pro-Deltan act and is criticized by Bolsonaro allies: ‘I’m not a traitor’
Zambelli calls for a pro-Deltan act and is criticized by Bolsonaro allies: ‘I’m not a traitor’

the deputy Carla Zambelli (PL-SP), removed from the Chamber for medical reasons, summoned followers to an event on June 4th, organized by the Free Brazil Movement (MBL), in defense of the impeached deputy Deltan Dallagnol (We can-PR). She was criticized by followers and supporters of Jair Bolsonaro (PL), including Fabio Wajngarten, lawyer and adviser to the former president. The deputy published a retraction this Thursday morning, the 25th. In the evening, she opened a live on Instagram “unsummoning” her followers.

“Bolsonaro asked in writing not to demonstrate (June 4th). They did not consult Bolsonaro about a date to hold a demonstration and they were wrong. They’re calling me a traitor. I know I’m not”, said Zambelli in the live. She stated that the deputy Carlos Jordy (PL-SP), opposition leader, helped organize the act. “We were wrong not to talk to Bolsonaro before. If he said not to go, we won’t. But I’m going to ask you, don’t give up on Deltan Dallagnol.”

The deputy deleted the summons and published a retraction for her followers Photograph: Reproduction/Twitter/@Zambelli2210

In the note released earlier, the parliamentarian made an appeal for solidarity with Dallagnol. “Today is Deltan, tomorrow could be Nikolas (Ferreira) or me…. (not hard, really). Wouldn’t you like these movements to also take to the streets for us?”, questioned the deputy. Zambelli is affiliated with Bolsonaro’s PL, with whom the MBL broke after the 2018 election.

The MBL called for the next 4th a demonstration with the name “Democracy, Justice and Freedom”, against recent gestures of the PT administration, interpreted by the group as “persecution of enemies”. “Beginning with the farce of Flavio Dinogoing through PL 2,630 (PL of Fake News), the PL of Censorship and now reaching the impeachment of Deltan, we know that the PT will not stop”, said the movement.

Since leaving the House, Dallagnol has participated in demonstrations protesting his impeachment. On Sunday, the 21st, he went to an MBL act in Curitiba and spoke to supporters.

Wajngarten, who advises the former president, said that it is “necessary to assess who was actually on the side of the government in the last four years before leaving supporting and promoting an opportunist demonstration”. “The right insists on being a wagon and towed by those who never managed to be a locomotive,” he wrote on Twitter. To the Estadãohe confirmed that the publication is a criticism of the June 4 demonstration and also of the deputy Carla Zambelli.

The episode confirms a backstage dissent from Bolsonarism. Part of the former president’s allies say they believe that the deputy influenced the outcome of the elections, contributing to Bolsonaro’s defeat at the polls. On October 29, the eve of the second round, Zambelli and a security guard pursued and pointed firearms at journalist Luan Araújo, with whom she had an argument. The incident happened in Jardins, a neighborhood in the south of São Paulo.

The deputy responds to a criminal investigation because of the episode. She claims that she was assaulted and that she acted in self-defense. On the 3rd of January, within the scope of that inquiry and at the behest of the Federal Court of Justice (STF), three firearms were seized at the parliamentarian’s residences. She has her license suspended.

On Thursday, the 18th, Zambelli was diagnosed with covid-19, while she was admitted to a private hospital in Brasília. On Monday, the 22nd, the deputy was discharged from the hospital, but was removed from work for 30 days due to “the worsening of the fibromyalgia condition, related to Burnout”, according to what her medical report says. The deputy said that she chose to undergo treatment in São Paulo.

In court, the deputy faces problems. She opened a virtual “crowdfunding” to raise money for compensation to which she has been condemned. In 14 days, Zambelli raised R$168,000 – an amount above the established target of R$100,000. Holder of a gross salary of BRL 41,000 in the Chamber, the deputy said she did not have the financial conditions to pay for convictions, which, in her perspective, come from a “legal persecution”.

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