Poisoned bonbons: Rio police arrest suspect for murder, motivated by jealousy

Poisoned bonbons: Rio police arrest suspect for murder, motivated by jealousy
Poisoned bonbons: Rio police arrest suspect for murder, motivated by jealousy

In the early hours of Thursday (25), the police arrested Susane Martins da Silva, the main suspect in sending the poisoned bonbons that killed Lindaci Viegas Batista de Carvalho, 54 years old. According to investigations, Susane killed Lindaci out of jealousy over a common ex-boyfriend.

The police got to Susane thanks to Lucas David, the motoboy hired to take the order, who contacted the authorities.

Susane’s temporary arrest was issued by the Judiciary. She will answer for double qualified homicide, caused by poisoning and futile motive.

According to police chief Fabio Souza, upon being arrested, Susane cried, “told disconnected stories, said she was forced by someone, but did not deny the crime”.

Ex boyfriend

The police discovered that Lindaci and Susane dated, at different times, a man identified as Mario Sérgio.

Lindaci and Mario were together for four years. Lindaci was previously married to a man with whom she had two children, who are now teenagers.

According to the investigation, Lindaci and Mario kept in touch after the breakup. The relationship with the father of the children was also cordial.

After breaking up with Lindaci, Mario started a “troubled relationship” with Susane that lasted two years, “on and off”. Susane even denounced him under the Maria da Penha Law, and, according to the police, Mario is currently under arrest.

Despite this, according to the investigation, Susane was jealous and believed that Mario and Lindaci were having an affair – which was not confirmed by the police.

“Susane always suspected that Mario Sérgio was cheating on her with Lindaci and decided to take revenge precisely on her birthday so as not to attract attention, giving her flowers and chocolates that were poisoned”, explained the police.

remember the case

Lindaci died after eating the chocolates she received along with a bouquet of flowers, on her birthday, last Saturday (20).

Lenice Batista, Lindaci’s sister, said that an expert from the Legal Medical Institute informally indicated the presence of pellets in the victim’s body.

According to the family, Lindaci had been receiving threats on social media. Last Saturday, she answered a call in which a motoboy told her that there was a delivery for her. Suspicious, she asked to leave the package at her current boyfriend’s store in Vila Isabel.

Lindaci removed the chocolates and went to a beauty salon. There, the woman started calling relatives and friends to find out who had sent the gift, as the package had no sender.

She even commented to people at the scene that she was afraid to eat the chocolates “because they could be poisoned”.

When making contact with her ex-husband, Lindaci heard that he had sent the chocolates. The news reassured the woman, who decided to eat them.

Upon leaving the salon, Lindaci felt sick on the street. According to her sister, she angled her arms and rolled her eyes. The caregiver was rescued by military police and taken to a hospital, where she arrived dead.

One of Lindaci’s children even tried the chocolate, but spit it out when he found the taste strange, according to the boy’s aunt. He didn’t feel bad.

According to the family, after Lindaci became ill, the ex-husband denied that he had sent the bonbon and stated that, at the time of the call, he had made “a joke” with her. Lenice also said that her sister’s relationship with her ex was good and that she doesn’t suspect him – but she didn’t know who might have committed the crime.

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