Murder of Jeff Machado: watch video of the moment the body is rescued | Police Cases


The body of actor Jefferson Machado, 44, was found on Monday afternoon in the backyard of a rented house in Campo Grande, in the West Zone, after missing for four months. In videos released by the Civil Police, it is possible to see the difficulty in removing the body, buried two meters deep. Jefferson was found bound and in a fetal position.

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To remove the body, it was necessary to drill the ground with a jackhammer until the cement broke. The team responsible for the removal was made up of nine men: two operating a jackhammer, two civil police with pickaxes and shovels, and five men from the Civil Defense.

See removal of trunk with body of actor Jefferson Machado

According to the Civil Police, the trunk found belonged to the actor himself, who had several of them as decoration in his home, in the Guaratiba neighborhood, also in the West Zone. Jefferson was found tied up and in the fetal position. The recognition was made by necropapilloscopic examination, that is, identification by fingerprint.

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The actor’s mother, Maria das Dores Estevão Machado, was the one who filed a complaint about her son’s disappearance on January 27. They lived in different states and used to send audios through WhatsApp. Without explanation, Jefferson started to send only text messages and, even when his mother asked, he did not send audios.



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