Simone Mendes throws a party and Simaria’s attitude reverberates among celebrities and followers

Simaria was not on Simone Mendes’ birthday (Images: Reproduction – Instagram / Montage – RD1)

Simone Mendes turned 39 and had a party this evening Wednesday (24)in Sao Paulo.

At the celebration, several people dear to the artist attended, but Simaria did not attend.

On social networks, the absence of the sertaneja’s sister did not go unnoticed.

“My God, Simone and Simaria really broke up and they don’t speak anymore,” said one Twitter user. “Today my dream is to see Simaria at Simone’s house enjoying and celebrating Simone’s 39th birthday together”observed another.

“Not seeing Simaria on Simone’s birthday is killing me”, admitted a third. “Could it be that Simaria congratulated Simone?’ asked one person.

On the social network, Simaria did not congratulate her sister. On Twitter, the only post by the former Coleguinha was a selfie and a philosophical phrase.

On the other hand, Simone received the love of many fans, celebrities and Kaká Diniz, her husband, with whom she has been married since 2013.

In a long text, the businessman praised his beloved and even wrote: “I wish you the world, my love. I’m here for whatever you need, to carry you on my back if necessary on a day when your legs are tired”.

Simone and Simaria’s brother attended the event

Unlike the birthday girl’s former stage partner, Caio Mendes, the brother of the two, went to the singer’s party.

The celebration also featured names such as: Thammy Miranda, Hulk, Camila Ângelo, Dentinho, Gabi Martins, Daniela Albuquerque, Fabiola Gadelha, Rodrigo Faro and Vera Viel.

Carol Bittencourt

Carol Bittencourt

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