For defense, suspects in the death of Mega-Sena winner are innocent

For defense, suspects in the death of Mega-Sena winner are innocent
For defense, suspects in the death of Mega-Sena winner are innocent

Lawyer Fábio Costa, who defends the two suspects identified and arrested for the death of Jonas Lucas Alves Dias, 55, winner of the Mega-Sena in Hortolândia, in the interior of the state of São Paulo, says that his clients, Rogério de Almeida Spínola, 48 , and the transsexual who identifies as Rebeca, 24, are innocent and were deceived by another investigated, who remains at large.

Costa claims that both prisoners are homeless people, who would have been “guiled” to deliver their documents, used to open bank accounts for money transfers, during the course of the crime.

Rogério de Almeida Spínola was detained by the civil police officers of the Deic (Specialized Division of Criminal Investigations) in Piracicaba, responsible for investigating the case, last Saturday (17), three days after the crime.

The other suspect, Rebeca, was captured by the Municipal Civil Guard of Santa Bárbara d’Oeste, a neighboring city, 22km from Hortolândia, on Sunday (18). In her name was the account used to receive a bank transfer of R$ 18.6 thousand, taken from the victim’s account, through a Pix.

“Rebeca and Rogério are homeless people. They lent the documents to Roberto just to open bank accounts. At no time did they participate or had any kind of involvement in the death. They didn’t even know the victim”, says the lawyer. The Roberto he refers to is Roberto Jeferson da Silva, the Fat, 38, who is on the run.

Silva drove the black Ford Fiesta used to approach the millionaire. His participation was not detailed by the civil police. He has no police records and the car has not been located at the time of writing this report.

In Rebeca’s case, the lawyer also emphasizes that the police reached her because of the account identification. “She was not aware of the Pix being held and also did not have access to the money. So far, her documents and card have not been returned”, completes Costa.

For him, another point that needs to be clarified was Rogério’s connection with the case. “Like Rebeca, he just gave up his documents. The two cars used in the crime were not in his name”, he alleges.

Regarding Rogério de Almeida Spínola, the lawyer did not comment on the arguments he intends to use in his defense, in addition to the fact that, according to him, he is a homeless person.

Two suspects are in police custody

O UOL contacted the delegate of Deic de Piracicaba, Juliana Ricci, about the matter. According to the Civil Police, Rogério has already responded to processes for murder, robbery, theft, embezzlement and bodily harm. He served at least 15 years in prison and had been free since December 2021. Rebeca had no criminal record. Both remain detained at the disposal of justice.

Ricci did not detail Rogério’s participation in the scheme, but reported that he was a partner of another investigated person.

The delegate also provided the UOL, images from a circuit of surveillance cameras captured in the central region of Santa Bárbara D’oeste, on the 14th, around 2 pm. The images show Roberto Jeferson da Silva, the Fat, with Rebeca, the day after the kidnapping and death of the victim.

Jonas Lucas Alves Dias, 55, died after being found injured, on September 14, on the access loop from Rodovia Jornalista Francisco Aguirre Proença (SP-101) to Rodovia dos Bandeirantes (SP-348), in Hortolândia. He won BRL 47.1 million at the Mega-Sena in 2020.

The delegate awaits the next steps to provide new information on the progress of investigations in the case.
The other investigated, who had a temporary arrest warrant issued, is Marcos Vinycius Sales de Oliveira, Viny, 22, he is also still at large.

Viny was driving the other vehicle used in the crime, a Chevrolet model S-10 pickup truck. The victim was approached as he was leaving a bakery on foot and forced to get into the truck.

The delegate claims that Marcos Vinicyus was responsible for the two withdrawals of R$1,000 and the transfer of R$18,600 from Jonas Lucas’ account. The suspect was caught by security cameras at a Caixa Econômica de Campinas branch, where he carried out the transactions.

According to Juliana, Marcos Vinicyus also enabled a cell phone application to be able to carry out financial transactions. The suspect has pasts for embezzlement, receiving and left the penitentiary system in September 2021.

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