5 Neymar news today that rocked (23/09)

5 Neymar news today that rocked (23/09)
5 Neymar news today that rocked (23/09)

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This Friday (23), forward Neymar was one of the main players in Brazil’s victory against Ghana, in a friendly held in France. Find out the main news of the day involving the PSG player here at Torcedores.

Newspaper reveals behind the scenes about Neymar’s departure from Barça

Early in the day, the Spanish newspaper “El Mundo del Siglo XXI” published emails and all the logistics that Barcelona had done to keep Neymar from leaving the club. The great concern of the Catalan team was the Brazilian being transferred to Real Madrid, Barça’s biggest rival.

In addition, it was reported that Neymar Pai changed sides, possibly upset with the situation on the Catalan side, which favored his son’s departure to PSG.

ConheceABrenaNey moves social media

This Friday morning (23), ConheceABrenaNey became one of the main topics on Twitter. After Paulistão Feminino’s departure, Santos’ player Brena said that it was a dream to meet the PSG striker, and on social media, Peixe’s official page confirmed that the meeting will take place.

Playing in the middle in the friendly, the striker has a great start to the season

To the surprise of many, Neymar was among the 11 starters in the national team’s friendly against the Ghanaians. However, one of the most important pieces in Tite’s squad started the game in midfield, rather than in attack.

Without a doubt, Neymar has been making a great start to the season with the PSG shirt, in addition to the Brazilian team. According to SofaScore, the 30-year-old has 12 games, with 11 goals and 10 assists, including the friendly against Ghana.

There was also a record break, surpassing Pele

About to surpass Pelé as the top scorer in the history of the national team, Neymar has already broken a record held by the “King of Football”. With the assist in Richarlison’s goal, the striker reaches 54 assists, and in addition to the 74 goals, makes him surpass the former athlete.

Neymar’s performance makes fans believe in Hexa da Copa

On the field, the match of the number 10 of the selection was to tear praise, for the will of the player, who lives great phase. On social media, several fans published their anxiety for the arrival of the World Cup, believing in Brazil’s sixth championship in the tournament.

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