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Car was hit by crane while stopped at lighthouse – Reproduction Twitter

Car was hit by crane while stopped at lighthouse
Twitter reproduction

Published 09/23/2022 17:59 | Updated 09/23/2022 18:00

NEW YORK – A woman miraculously escaped from an accident in the Bronx neighborhood, located in New York City, in the United States. A video recorded by security cameras shows the moment when a crane hits the vehicle. Watch:

Danielle Cruz, 22, was inside the car, waiting for the headlight to open at an intersection, when the equipment used in construction collapsed. She suffered only minor injuries. The accident happened last Tuesday (20).

In an interview with US broadcaster ABC7 News, the young woman explained that she was driving to college when she saw the crane hit and knock down a pole.

“It happened slow and fast at the same time, like I felt something was going to happen after I saw the pole move. what it did was hit my head,” explained the student.

Danielle also said that the firefighter who rescued her said that if she had been about 2 centimeters further forward, she would have been hit full on by the equipment and would probably have died.

She said she was initially trapped inside the car and couldn’t open the door. But after a few seconds, people in the area rushed to help her out of the car.

The girl was then taken to the Hospital St. Barnabas to be examined and then released to return home.

The crane was attached to a truck and broke down while lifting materials at a construction site for an 11-story building. It was not clear what caused the equipment to break with the vehicle.

Twenty-nine construction workers were evacuated from the site by the fire department.

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