Cultural producers from Luanda are selected in the Viver Cultura public notice

The Environmental Court (Juvam) of Rondonópolis (212 km south of Cuiabá), in partnership with the Municipal Environment Department (Semma) and the Environmental Military Police (PMA), held a week of activities in celebration of World Tree Day (September 21) in the municipality.

Among the various actions carried out, from September 21 to 23, the expressive number of more than 2,000 seedlings of fruit and native trees and about 1,400 seedlings of succulents and ornamental plants were donated to the population.

The judge of the 3rd Civil Court and Juvam of the District of Rondonópolis, Milene Aparecida Pereira Beltrami, highlights that the week to celebrate World Tree Day this year was special for the municipality. All works were developed with the union of forces between municipal environmental agencies, young students, children and families from Rondônia.

“Everyone put their ‘hand on the ground’. I believe that prevention is the way to bring about changes in habits in favor of the care and preservation of our forests and our ecosystem”, says the magistrate.

Awareness in Schools Juvam de Rondonópolis carries out a continuous work to raise the awareness of children and adolescents in the municipality. Municipal schools Bonifácio Sachetti and Edivaldo Zulliani Belo and state schools Edith Pereira Barbosa and Elizabeth de Freitas Magalhães participated in actions that involved more than a thousand students from the public school system, with the creation of orchards, planting of seedlings of various species and lectures on the importance of preserving forests for the balance of the ecosystem.

Exhibition in Shopping In partnership with the Environmental Military Police, Juvam promoted an exhibition of taxidermized animals from the region, resulting from rescue attempts, trampling and burning in Mato Grosso, in a mall in the city, in order to raise awareness of the importance of caring for the forests. . Banners and a photographic collection of tree planting, spring reconstruction and environmental education activities carried out in Rondonópolis were also displayed.

Playful Activities The population that visited the exhibition at the mall can participate in the identified planting of seedlings of native trees in a seedbed. Each visitor received a voucher with their name for future removal of the seedling, after germination at the Municipal Environment Department.

The children participated in a children’s drawing contest with the theme ‘The Importance of Tree Planting for a Quality Life in Our City’. The three designs selected by the event’s organizing committee will receive two headphones and a mini game as prizes, all donated by local businesses.

On September 22, a seedling planting action was also carried out on Avenida Rio Branco, with the participation of employees of a logistics company in the municipality and their families. Also on the 23rd, an ecological trail was promoted in the Municipal Park ‘Escondidinho’ and the donation of tree seedlings with the students of the Municipal School of Early Childhood Education Rubens Alves de Souza.

For the judge responsible for Juvam, the diversity of activities carried out was the great differential of the week. “In addition to raising awareness through lectures, we had seedling donations, planting on public roads, planting orchards in schools, in which students signed a commitment to take care of the trees planted there, and a drawing contest with our children.”

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Image description: Photo 01: Color image of two people holding plant seedlings in front of the banner in honor of World Tree Day. Photo 02: Colored image of public school students in Rondonópolis with tree seedlings that will be planted. Photo 03: Colored image of environmental police officers next to the exhibition of taxidermized animals. Photo 04: Colored image of a child holding a drawing participating in the children’s drawing contest held by Juvam.

Marco Cappelletti (with information from Juvam de Rondonópolis)

Communication Coordination of the Presidency of the TJMT

Source: MT Court of Justice

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