Communication of the Work Accident to the INSS

Communication of the Work Accident to the INSS
Communication of the Work Accident to the INSS

Communication of the Work Accident to the INSS The Work Accident Communication (CAT) is a document issued to recognize both a work or commute accident as well as an occupational disease.

Work or commute accident: is the accident that occurs in the exercise of the professional activity at the service of the company or in the displacement residence / work / residence, and that causes bodily injury or functional disturbance that causes the loss or reduction – permanent or temporary – of the ability to work or, ultimately case, death;

Occupational disease: is that produced or triggered by the exercise of work peculiar to a given activity and included in the respective list drawn up by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

When to open the CAT?

The company is obliged to inform Social Security of all work-related accidents involving its employees, even if there is no absence from activities, until the first business day following the occurrence.

In the event of death, communication must be immediate.

The company that does not report the work accident within the legal period will be subject to the imposition of a fine, as provided for in articles 286 and 336 of Decree No. 3,048/1999.

If the company does not register with the CAT, the worker himself, the dependent, the union entity, the doctor or the public authority (magistrates, members of the Public Ministry and the legal services of the Union and the States or the Federal District and commanders of units of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Fire Department and Military Police) may register this instrument with the Social Security at any time, which does not exclude the possibility of imposing a fine on the company.

Online CAT registration

For your convenience, the INSS allows you to register your CAT online, as long as you fill in all the mandatory fields. The system also allows you to generate the blank CAT form to, as a last resort, be filled in manually.

Look for an INSS agency

In cases where it is not possible to register the CAT online and so that the company is not subject to the imposition of a fine for non-compliance with the deadline, the CAT registration can be done at one of the INSS agencies (consult the nearest agency ).

For this, the CAT form must be fully completed and signed, especially the data referring to medical care.

Necessary documents

To be served at the INSS agencies, at least an identification document with photo and the CPF number must be presented.

For any of the cases indicated above, must be issued four ways being:

1st copy to the INSS

2nd copy to the insured or dependent

3rd way to the labor class union

4th way to the company.

Other information

if the information area referring to the medical certificate of the form is not completed and signed by the attending physician, the medical certificate must be presented, provided that it contains the proper description of the place/date/time of care, as well as the diagnosis with the ICD (International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Problems with Health) and the probable period for the treatment, containing the signature, the number of the Regional Council of Medicine (CRM) and the stamp of the doctor responsible for the care, whether private, health insurance or SUS;

The initial CAT will refer to a typical work accident, commute, occupational or occupational disease or immediate death;

The reopening CAT will be used for cases of leave due to aggravation of injury from a work accident or occupational or work disease;

The death notification CAT will be issued exclusively for cases of death resulting from an accident or occupational or occupational disease, after the registration of the initial CAT;

The reopening CAT must contain the same information as at the time of the accident, except for leave, last day worked, medical certificate and date of issue, which will be related to the reopening date. The situation of simple medical assistance or absence of less than 15 consecutive days will not be considered a reopening CAT.

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