Suspect of involvement in the death of a florist in SC is arrested | Santa Catarina

Suspect of involvement in the death of a florist in SC is arrested | Santa Catarina
Suspect of involvement in the death of a florist in SC is arrested | Santa Catarina

There is yet another suspect, a 31-year-old, investigated for firing the shots. She was still on the run until 3 pm this Friday (23).

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Miriam was hit by at least four shots on 10 September. “She was killed inside her flower shop. She was literally behind the counter when the executioner approached and fired the shots”, said deputy Eduardo de Faveri, responsible for the case.

The murder took place on a Saturday morning. A man and a woman approached the flower shop in a gray car. Then, according to the Civil Police, she got out of the vehicle, called the victim and shot. Miriam was hit by at least four shots.

Married, Miriam leaves three children.

Regarding the motivation, Faveri said that there are some lines of investigation, but it is not possible to disclose so as not to interfere with police work.

The delegate said that the police reached the suspects through security cameras and data crossing.

The suspect, who is 42 years old, was found getting out of his car in Araucaria, Paraná city. Inside the vehicle, police found a revolver and five bullets.

At the man’s house, police found six fired bullets, possibly those used in the victim’s execution.

As of Friday afternoon, the suspect had not given a statement. According to the delegate, however, the man informally denied participation in the crime.

The man was arrested for illegally carrying a firearm. He also had pretrial detention ordered against him.

His car and documents were also seized and taken to the Garuva Police Station.

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The arrest took place during the execution of search and seizure warrants in the cities of Curitiba and Araucária, in Paraná. The operation was called Cherry Blossom, as the victim owned a flower shop and was the daughter of Japanese parents.

The following day, on Thursday (22), the Civil Police executed warrants at addresses of the suspect in the execution, in Curitiba. In the house, wigs were found, possibly used on the day of the crime.

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