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Gustavo Corasini (Photo: reproduction/instagram)

This Friday (23), the mother of Gustavo Corasini used the networks to talk about the first month since her son was in a car accident. The 12-year-old actor was run over inside the condominium he lives in, in the city of São Paulo. his friend, Edwardwho was with him at the time, succumbed to his injuries, and died.

“A month today from the day that changed our lives forever. A lot has changed around here, some adaptations have been made, little by little we are learning to deal with the situation. a 12 year old boy full of energy and plans, staying still is not easy”, began Fernanda Corasini.

“Faith and gratitude increased even more, because we have to be grateful every day that our boy is here. We gained new friends who prayed for us, who made promises, who cried with us, even virtual ones. are always with us in the most difficult moments”, he continued.

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Finally, Fernanda also spoke about Eduardo. “The longing in the chest hurts, fear and sometimes insecurity still persist, but nothing that time won’t heal. God never abandoned us. Gratitude to all”.

understand the case

The accident happened inside the condominium where the family lives in São Paulo. Gustavo and a friend, Eduardo, were together when they were run over last Tuesday (23). Eduardo did not resist, and died.

According to the 12-year-old actor’s mother, the driver of the car that hit them went to make way for an ambulance, called to help a bricklayer who was injured on a construction site in the neighborhood, when he lost control and accelerated instead of braking the vehicle.

“The rescue went to help and they, curious, went to see what had happened. A resident went to take the car out of the place to give way and got lost in the automatic transmission and ran over the boys”, Fernanda informed.

“Gustavo broke his arm, leg and fractured his pelvis. He underwent surgery and is recovering. His friend, unfortunately, did not survive. I ask for prayers for everyone involved to have the strength and faith to follow”, the statement continued. “Thank you all for the words and understanding. Unfortunately I’m not able to answer everyone. With faith in God, soon our boy will be back here”.

In conversation with Marie Claire last Wednesday (24), Fernanda said: “We are grateful to God for the deliverance, but devastated with the loss of friend Eduardo. They were very connected, like brothers”, said

‘A lot has changed around here’, says Gustavo Corasini’s mother a month after the accident (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

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