Timon records two murders in less than 12 hours; know who the victims are

A crime wave hit the city of Timon, in Maranhão, in the last twelve hours. On Thursday afternoon (22) a man identified as Francisco Adriano Lima Silva, 32 years old, known as Mamãezona, was shot to death at the door of the housein the Parque Piauí neighborhood.

In the early hours of this Friday (23) a homeless person identified as Valter Santos Ribeiro, 35 years old, was clubbed to death in the Timon Center. The suspect has been identified and the police are already investigating.

Big Mom was shot dead on Thursday afternoon (22)


The first crime happened on Thursday afternoon (22) around 5:50 pm, on 14th Street in Parque Piauí, when Adriano was at the door of his house and was surprised by a man who was with a partner in a black Palio car and managed to escape the crime scene.

Adriano had been sentenced to 17 years in prison for killing a disaffected man in 2012. In 2013, Adriano was arrested and served nine years in prison until he was put under house arrest with electronic ankle monitoring in April this year.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Sousa, commander of the 11th Battalion of the Military Police of Timon, the suspicion is that the murder would have been committed by the brother of the man that Big Mom had murdered in 2012.

”It’s one of the lines of investigation. He was in prison, including with an ankle bracelet, and the motivation, according to the people, is that the one who caused the crime was the brother of the victim of this crime that he had previously committed. The information shows that it was possibly a settling of accounts. He took advantage of a situation to carry out the crime in which he could easily escape. So we believe it was a planned thing”, says Lieutenant Colonel Sousa.

Valter Santos was beaten and stoned to death this Friday morning (23)


The other case happened hours later on Avenida Jaime Rios, downtown Timon, around 4 am this Friday (23). The victim was Valter Santos, homeless and chemically dependent, who was beaten to death with stones by a man identified as Magno da Costa Oliveira, 28 years old.

The suspect in the crime was arrested by the police at the scene. The homeless man’s girlfriend testified. The police suspect that the main motive of the crime would have been jealousy.

”We can see a piece of wood, stone and other objects that were there, including blood marks. According to her reported (the girlfriend) it was a passionate cause, but will be investigated by the Civil Police. The information is that all three lived on the streets and slept there”, concludes the commander.

Both cases will be investigated by the Department of Homicide and Protection of Persons (DHPP) in Timon, Maranhão.

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