EVENT ALERT!! 2nd Ballooning Festival starts today with a visual show of flying over the city

EVENT ALERT!! 2nd Ballooning Festival starts today with a visual show of flying over the city

Ibitinga will once again have the colorful sky and decorated by beautiful balloons. The 2nd Ballooning Festival will take place on the 23rd, 24th and 25th of September. The event will take place at Complexo do Nicolão.

On the 23rd and 25th, flights will take place around the city so that the population can contemplate the sky. The free flights consist of the take-off of the balloons and have a route traced according to the direction of the wind current. In this way the departure and arrival points can be changed according to the weather changes of the day.

On Saturday, the 24th, the Festival will feature attractions for the whole family. “From 4pm there will be a concentration at Complexo do Nicolão, for those who want to follow the fire motorcade. When we return, we will make captive flights for the children (up and down in place) and the traditional Night Glow”, explains Amarildo Tozzi, professional pilot and event organizer.

Carriage of Fire

The Carreata de Fogo consists of placing the balloons’ transport baskets in open vehicles with their respective guardians, thus, locomotion follows with points where the torches are activated during the course.

night glow

Night Glow is a balloon lighting show at night. It is a true spectacle of lights that turn on before the eyes of the public. The balloons will all be anchored together on the soccer field and after we make a countdown with the public, the flames are lit at the same time in all the balloons, and after, alternately.

The Ballooning Festival

The Ballooning Festival in Ibitinga was conceived by pilot Rodolpho Tozzi and had its first edition in Ibitinga, in 2019.

“Rodolpho and Flávio were two passionate about ballooning, who despite not being with us physically, left a legacy. For us it is an emotional event, because our son was a dreamer and always talked about it. It’s a way to continue his dream, which we dreamed together, and relive the good memories”, says moved, Lucia Tozzi, member of the Tozzi Ballooning team and mother of the pilot Rodolpho.

Ibitinga will receive professionals from different parts of Brazil, including the municipality of Ibitinga itself.



The balloon party for the public takes place on the 24th (Saturday), from 4 pm, at the Nicolão Sports Complex. At 4:30 pm the balloons will leave in free flight, after which they return to Nicolão for the Carreata de Fogo.

From 19:00, the balloons will be organized and inflated in the field, where captive flights for children will take place (ascent and descent on site, the balloon is tied by ropes).

Soon after, the Night Glow will begin.

The Ballooning Festival was established in the Official Calendar of Events in Ibitinga on March 18, 2020 by Ordinary Law nº 5026, and is carried out through the Municipality of Ibitinga and organization of ‘Tozzi Ballooning’.


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Come and be enchanted!

Disclosure: City Hall of Ibitinga

Meeting in Cambaratiba takes place this Sunday (25), in Praça da Matriz

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