Mega-Sena case: photos show fugitive and arrested together after murder

Mega-Sena case: photos show fugitive and arrested together after murder
Mega-Sena case: photos show fugitive and arrested together after murder

In the images, Roberto Jeferson and Rebeca Messias appear inside and outside a bank branch after the death of the Mega winner; remember the case

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September 23, 2022 · 1:09 pm

A fugitive appears in the recordings walking along with a woman arrested for the crime (Photo: Reproduction / Deic de Piracicaba)

A day after releasing the photos of the two suspects wanted for the murder of the Mega-Sena winnerthe Deic (Specialized Division of Criminal Investigations) of Piracicaba released this Friday (23) more photos of one of them. In the images, Roberto Jeferson da Silva, the “Gordo”, 38 years old, appears with Rebeca Messias Pereira, 24, arrested on the 18th for involvement in the crime.

The two appear together walking along the sidewalk and inside a bank branch of the CEF (Caixa Econômica Federal) in Santa Bárbara d’Oeste. “The images are from security cameras and show Roberto along with Rebeca, the day after the kidnapping and after the victim’s death,” Deic said in a statement.. Still according to the police, the photos are from the 14th around 2 pm.

In addition to Roberto, Marcos Vinicyus Sales de Oliveira, the 22-year-old “Vini”, is also wanted. The two are investigated for the murder of Jonas Lucas Alves Dias, Mega winner, in Hortolândia. Investigators ask that any details about them be shared. “Any information, contact Deic: (19) 3421-6169”, informs the press release.

Also according to investigators, Roberto does not have a criminal record and would be the driver of the black car involved in the crime. Marcos has a past for embezzlement and reception. He left the prison system in September 2021, is appointed as the driver of the truck involved and was at the Caixa Econômica Federal branch in Campinas to make withdrawals on behalf of the victim.

Suspects investigated by the Civil Police of Piracicaba (Photo: Disclosure)


Two other people are investigated for the murder and are already in prison. Rogério de Almeida Spínola, 48, was arrested on Saturday (17), three days after his death. The man has a history of theft, robbery, murder, attempted murder and active corruption, serving 15 years in prison. He got out of prison in late 2021.

Rebeca, a trans woman whose birth name is Samuel Messias Pereira Batista, was arrested on Sunday (18) and received two transfers of BRL 18,600 from the victim’s account. None of those investigated had a relationship with the victim and they all lived in Santa Bárbara d’Oeste, according to the police.


Jonas Lucas Alves Dias, 55, died after being beaten by criminals. The millionaire spent 20 hours with the bandits before he was killed, according to the Civil Police.. He was kidnapped on the 13th and found with signs of beating on the banks of Rodovia dos Bandeirantes (SP-348) on September 14th. The victim was taken to the Mário Covas Hospital in Hortolândia, but could not resist the injuries. Jonas was not married and had no children.

During the period in which he was in the hands of the criminals, around R$20,000 were withdrawn from his accounts. There was an attempt to transfer R$ 3 million, which was not approved by the bank. According to the delegate, two cars participated in the kidnapping of Jonas. A silver truck, which was driven by Marcos, and a black passenger vehicle, which was driven by Gordo. According to the Civil Police, the thieves knew about the victim’s financial condition.


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Audios obtained by the Civil Police, and released by Fantástico, show the moment when Jonas requested the transfer of R$ 3 million, before being killed by criminals in Hortolândia.. New footage also shows the resident in a bakery and walking before he was kidnapped (read more and watch below).

The audios were forwarded by the victim to the bank manager, asking for the release of the money. The request was made while Jonas was kidnapped and under the control of a gang, who were trying to extort money from the victim. In all, Jonas spent about 20 hours in the hands of the criminals.

“Nothing from the receipt arrived, can you speed this up for me? I’m here at the farm, I need to close this today”, said the millionaire in audio.


The request was not accepted by bank employees, who were suspicious of the request. According to police, witnesses report that Jonas’ voice was no longer normal.

“He was subdued, of that we are sure. He sends some messages, he chats through a WhatsApp application with the manager of one of his accounts. I also bring it as an element that caught my attention. The people heard, right, who heard the victim’s audio asking for bank transfers to the bank, say that her voice was not normal, as if her mouth was hurt or with some situation that was not normal, because they knew her voice, they had already received the numerous audios, they knew how to communicate in the audio”, said Juliana Ricci, head delegate of Deic de Piracicaba.


According to the delegate, the investigation points out that Jonas was the victim of extreme violence, and the crime is investigated as extortion followed by murder.

“These vehicles (the cars seen in images) approached him and took him away. In the place where he was approached, his flip-flops and cap were dropped, in view of the violence there that he was actually snatched and kidnapped. And how much violence was used with the victim who was found, already unconscious and with many injuries in the face region. We believe, then, that it was extortion, followed by death, and not a robbery”, added Ricci.


New images released by the Civil Police also detail Jonas’ path before he was kidnapped by the group on September 12. The images show the resident in a bakery and walking before being kidnapped, as he always did.. According to family members, Jonas left the house every day between 5:30 am and 6 am and went to a bakery in the neighborhood. On the day of the crime, camera footage of the establishment shows him at the scene, where he buys bread, an orange juice and an esfirra and leaves.

After leaving the bread with his sister, the resident goes out for a walk again, when he is again filmed by a surveillance camera on a street. The videos also show the car of one of the criminals driving past him. Another image shows the two suspicious vehicles circulating through the neighborhood. Police believe the victim was approached then.

The two cars went to Campinas and at an agency of Caixa Econômica Federal, images were taken of a black car and one of the suspects entering the place around 8:30 am. The suspect who entered the agency had the victim’s card and made two withdrawals of R$ 1 thousand. He also released the bank application on his cell phone and made a transfer of R$ 18,600 to Rebeca’s account, who was arrested yesterday.


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