She-Hulk | Who is the Immortal Lord that appears in the Disney+ series?

She-Hulk | Who is the Immortal Lord that appears in the Disney+ series?
She-Hulk | Who is the Immortal Lord that appears in the Disney+ series?

She-Hulk: Defender of Heroes continues to bet on cameos with each new episode, and while we haven’t seen Daredevil in action yet, the sixth chapter of the season introduced another comic book hero to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU): the infamous Mister Immortal.

In the series, he is one of the clients of GLK&H, the law firm where Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) works. Played by actor David Pasquesi, the character is one of the powerful out there who, because of his condition and ability, ended up being sued by his four ex-wives and her ex-husband. All because he used being immortal to escape relationships.

Although it doesn’t look like it, this gentleman is an avenger in the comics (Image: Reproduction/Marvel Studios)

But, more than just being a joke for the series, the Immortal Lord is a character that really exists in Marvel comics and that came to be part of the Avengers – or at least one of the branches of the team.

tragic origin

In the comics, the Immortal Lord appears in the pages of West Coast Avengers #46originally published in 1989. In Brazil, this story arrived in Captain America #1661993. The story is written by John Byrne — an author who had a very remarkable stint in She-Hulk and the X-Men — and presents the tragic story of the boy who couldn’t die.

Tragic because, contrary to what the series presents, Craig Hollis’ first contacts with his powers are not so cool. He finds himself unable to die from a suicide attempt, which already shows the darker tone of his origin.

More than being immortal, he has tried to die a few times (Image: Disclosure / Marvel Comics)

The explanation for his immortality has always been somewhat vague. There are those who consider him a mutant, although he himself claims to be part of another race, the homo supreme — the final stage of evolution. At the same time, there is a whole cosmic and mystical root to your eternal life.

When Craig was born, he was visited by an entity called Deathurge, who acted almost like the grim reaper of the popular imagination, being responsible for taking people’s souls to the afterlife. The being appears to take the hero’s mother, and in a last-ditch effort, she makes the creature protect her son—which she accepts.

Thus, he grows up accompanied by this being that no one is able to see. And while everyone believes he’s just an imaginary friend, Deathurge starts to test the boy’s resilience by encouraging him to do increasingly risky things. It is in one of these that he sets fire to his house, which ends up killing his father.

Despite the tragic tone, the stories of the Immortal Lord have always been more uncompromising and even mocked (Image: Reproduction / Marvel Comics)

Orphaned, Craig is adopted by an abusive new family. After a long period of abuse and losing his childhood love, he threw himself off a building and discovered in the most unusual—and painful—way that he was immortal.

The Central Avengers

Upon discovering he has powers, Craig decides to embark on a heroic life, assuming the identity of Lord Immortal. But, in the first mission, he is killed trying to stop a bank robbery.

Believe it or not, this is an Avengers lineup (Image: Reproduction/Marvel Comics)

The way out then is to form a team so that teamwork has more fruitful results. That’s when, after publishing an ad in the newspaper, he gathered obscure Marvel figures and assembled the Central Avengers. Alongside characters such as Chapa, Dinah Soar, Porta, Grande Berta and Gavião Arqueiro and Harpia, he started to act in this subdivision of the Mightiest Heroes on Earth responsible for the interior of the United States.

And, as you can imagine, both the Immortal Lord and the Central Avengers themselves were never very relevant. The team even lasted a while, but always with smaller stories and no big arcs or memorable moments.

The most striking point of his heroic trajectory was precisely when the group ended and Craig began to question how terrible immortality could be, especially when all those he loved died and left him behind.

The Central Avengers have always been a more comedic core within Marvel (Image: Reproduction/Marvel Comics)

That’s when he falls out with Deathurge and discovers the truth about everything: how homo supreme, your destiny is to live until the end of time to discover the secret that hides at the end of existence. So all the losses he’s gone through over the years have only served to prepare him for this big moment.

Despite the almost prophetic tone of the thing, that wasn’t enough to lift the Immortal Lord out of irrelevance. Thus, he followed almost entirely forgotten by Marvel, appearing here and there in some sagas, but always with a very secondary role – not to say quaternary.

The Immortal Lord in the MCU

And what does the Immortal Lord’s entry into the MCU mean? To be quite honest, nothing. Because he’s such an irrelevant character in the comics, he’s perfect to be used in a comedy series like She-Hulk: Defender of Heroeswhich plays precisely with the legal absurdities of a world with super-beings.

The Immortal Lord’s first display of power in the series is just like the comics: throwing himself off a building (Image: Reproduction/Marvel Studios)

Since Craig Hollis is irrelevant in the comics, there’s no reason to think this will be any different in the MCU. And it’s even better that way. His participation in the episode is great for bringing up situations that are unthinkable in comics, but that make perfect sense when it comes close to the real world.

Thus, it is quite likely that we no longer see the Immortal Lord even in She-Hulk. As with other cameos, like Wong himself (Benedict Wong) and Donny Blaze (Rhys Coiro), he’s a one-episode joke — and he’s a good size.

She-Hulk: Defender of Heroes is available on Disney+.

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