payment RELEASED today (23)? Check the LATEST NEWS from INSS 2022 for urban and rural beneficiaries

payment RELEASED today (23)? Check the LATEST NEWS from INSS 2022 for urban and rural beneficiaries
payment RELEASED today (23)? Check the LATEST NEWS from INSS 2022 for urban and rural beneficiaries

Retirees and pensioners seek daily the INSS calendar 2022 to check the payment dates for benefits guaranteed by law. This year, with the change in the minimum wage, beneficiaries receive installments of at least R$ 1,212.

In September, the beneficiaries received the installments from the first day until the 8th, however, the benefits will also receive at the end of the month.

So, in order not to lose the date of payment of INSS benefitssee information about the INSS 2022 payment schedule.


O National Institute of Social Security (INSS) It is a government agency that guarantees the benefits provided for in social security, that is, it aims to pay pensions and among other aids.

O “My INSS” is a system created by Social Security to access social security and assistance benefits intended for workers, who meet the requirements of the law.


O INSS payment ensures around 36.5 million people, who will receive benefits until December this year. Retirees and pensioners can access payment at the beginning and end of the month, as in previous years.

With the change in the minimum wage in 2022, the readjustment of the benefit amounts was made, in this way, those who received the minimum amount of R$1,100 last year, currently receive R$1,212.

For beneficiaries who received R$6,433, the maximum amount paid in 2021, this year they receive R$7,087.


THE INSS retirement it is also guaranteed for those who live and work in the countryside. It is possible to guarantee different types of rural pensions, which allow access to INSS 2022 benefits.

See the different types of rural pensions:

  • Retirement by time of urban contribution with counting of time of rural activity;
  • Retirement by rural age;
  • Retirement by hybrid age, with rural and urban time.

The worker who wishes to retire by age, considering only rural time, must be aware of the following criteria:

  • Carrying out activities for a period of 15 years, proving with documents and witnesses;
  • Minimum age of 60 years old for men and 55 years old for women.


O INSS payment calendar 2022 is the schedule intended for retirees, pensioners, beneficiaries of the Continuous Cash Benefit (BPC)/LOAS and for people with disabilities.

This benefit payment is based on the last card number (NB), so if the card number 123.456.789-0, will end with number 9 (last number before the dash is the reference for the receipt).

With this number, it is possible to check the INSS 2022 table and know when to receive the benefit amounts.

In addition, the payment is divided into beneficiaries who receive up to one minimum wage and those who receive more than one minimum wage.


see the INSS 2022 payment table for beneficiaries, from rural to urban areas.

INSS 2022 payment table. – INSS

How to check the INSS benefit using the CPF?

For consult the INSScitizens use the INSS Benefit Number (NB)which is unique for each benefit linked to the person and is identified by a code of up to 10 digits.

However, for those who want consult the INSS benefit by CPFyou can access different channels:

  • By Application”My INSS“;
  • Website “My INSS”;
  • Call the number 135, INSS telephone service center;
  • INSS agencies.


See the latest news related to INSS 2022 and payment of benefits:

  • Beneficiaries, who won in court the right to review the benefit and concession, will receive more than BRL 1 billion arrears.
  • In August, beneficiaries could already receive up to 40% of the payroll loan, with 35% for personal loans and 5% for credit cards. However, that month, the INSS consigned credit card guarantees an additional 5%totaling the possibility of advancing 45% of the values.
  • The new card payroll loans of the INSS is available to retirees and pensioners. The card makes it possible to exceed up to 5% of the invoice limit, however, the amounts will be deducted directly from the benefit;
  • The payroll-deductible credit card allows the payment of funeral assistance and life insurance, the latter in the minimum amount of R$ 2,000 each;
  • The Brazilian Federation of Banks (Frebraran) released an explanatory booklet for the INSS payroll card, access HERE.
  • According to Febraran, the banks confirmed to offer the payroll loans were Banco Pan, BMG, Master, Santander, Daycoval and Facta.

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