Leila’s unexpected action, Flu denies interest and casting

Leila’s unexpected action, Flu denies interest and casting
Leila’s unexpected action, Flu denies interest and casting

Credit: Publicity/Palmeiras

Palmeiras had another day of training this Thursday (22) with an eye on the Brasileirão’s next opponent, Atlético-MG, a game that will take place next Wednesday (28), at Mineirão, at 21:45 (Brasília time).

In addition to the training news, however, other subjects were highlighted in the Verdão news, so Torcedores.com brings a summary of what happened so you can stay in the loop.

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Neto reveals unexpected measure by Leila Pereira at Palmeiras

During the program Os Donos da Bola, on Rádio Bandeirantes, this Thursday (22), the presenter and commentator Neto brought the information that in addition to seeking to implement facial recognition to avoid currency exchange in Palmeiras games, the president must also cut the tickets that players usually receive for matches at Allianz Parque.

“I know something there. I learned that Leila… each player has four to five tickets (available). Looks like it’s going to cut it there. A friend of mine who told me. By the way, this friend is a counselor at Palmeiras. I think they’re going to take the tickets and it’s going to be all facial. There won’t be this problem with the scalpers anymore… it’s going to be all facial and it’s going to stop giving out the five tickets to the players. I don’t know if it’s five or four, but it won’t give more tickets to the ballers”, he said.

Coach Abel Ferreira took advantage of the period without games this week, since the team will only have a commitment next Wednesday, and guided a training game this Thursday morning (22), at the Football Academy.

The cast was divided into two groups and the teams faced each other in two 25-minute halves, with the right to referee and flags: Palmeiras x Palmeiras.

The lineups of the two teams were not disclosed, but from the photo released by Alviverde you can see that the captains were Gustavo Scarpa and Dudu.

Barcelona seeks closer relationship with Endrick

A target for some of the biggest clubs in world football despite still only 16 years old, Endrick could be closer to Barcelona. According to the newspaper ‘Sport’, the Catalan team has already had a first meeting with representatives of the boy to get closer and carry out in the future the hiring of the jewel of Verdão.

“Barcelona made a move for Endrick, the 16-year-old Palmeiras top scorer. As SPORT has learned, there has already been a first meeting in the Catalan capital between the sporting direction of Barça and the professional team that advises the jewel, which traveled from São Paulo to try to align positions”, revealed the newspaper ‘Sport’.

Fluminense rules out interest in hiring Jorge

Recently, the name of left-back Jorge was speculated at Fluminense, but, according to Torcedores.com, in an investigation with two sources linked to President Mário Bittencourt, from Fluminense, the Rio de Janeiro team vehemently denies that there is an approximation to have the player as reinforcement for 2023.

Jorge is currently the third reserve for the sector, behind Piquerez, the starter, and Vanderlan, an immediate reserve.

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