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Blogger and singer Roanichan Nahabedian Padilha, 29, is the suspect in the murder of businessman and speaker Roberto Neri Franco Lôpo, 57, found dead inside a hotel in the Amaralina neighborhood of Salvador (review here). She and a man were reportedly arrested this Thursday (22) in Minas Gerais (look here).

Roanichan is from the state of Mato Grosso, but has lived in the south of Bahia for several years with his family. She has a clothing store and worked as a model, being known even as a blogger in Porto Seguro, as well as a singer. In addition, she studied veterinary medicine at Santa Cruz State University. It is not known whether she completed higher education.

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According to AratuON, Roanichan had at least one entry into the Civil Police, as a suspect. In 2019, a man attended the 7th Civil Police Department of the Interior (Coorpin/Ilhéus) and said he had been extorted by the young woman, losing about BRL 110,000, including a pickup truck, model S10.

“It alleges that he had a romantic relationship with Mrs. Roanichan for six months and that she used deceit and fanciful stories in order to obtain undue advantages, claiming that her father suffered from a terminal illness, and that he was in debt to loan sharks. in the lies, the communicant deposited R$ 30 thousand in her account”, detailed the boy.

“He also transferred to her name a vehicle brand S10, white, valued at R$ 80 thousand. The communicator went to her house and she was with a boy who claimed to be her boyfriend”, summarized the occurrence. A video records the suspect as a singer:

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