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Bia Miranda threatens to kill Tati Zaqui in ‘A FAZENDA’

Bia Miranda threatens to kill Tati Zaqui in ‘A FAZENDA’
Bia Miranda threatens to kill Tati Zaqui in ‘A FAZENDA’

CLIMATE! A fight between the influencer Bia Miranda and the singer Tati Zaqui in The Farm 2022 resulted in a death threat.

the granddaughter of Gretchen that solved threaten the singerin the room of the house, bia said that Tati Zaqui should talk about Deolane Bezerra in front of her and the two started to exchange insults.


A short time later, Bia Miranda said she wanted to attack the singer and that if she were expelled, she would “beat (the singer) until she dies”.

“If I can’t control myself and get kicked out, she’s going to be screwed, because I’m going to beat her to death.” stated.

The discussion had a lot of repercussionsso much that Bia’s advice felt obliged to publish an official statement, decreasing influencer threat.

“Due to the latest events, we understand that tempers are running high. The reality show is a program that tests the limits of pedestrians, including the issue of coexistence”.

And continued: “Bia never threatened the integrity of another participant and even never lifted a finger. After being insulted and humiliated, it was her way of venting. In the heat of the moment she used hyperbole in her speech (exaggeration). living a completely new and challenging experience”.

“We’re not going to pass a cloth on negative attitudes, however, who never, angry, spoke something out of the mouth? It’s easy to point the finger and judge, but living under pressure and being massacred is challenging and requires self-defense”, concluded the team of Bia Miranda.

the team of Tati Zaqui also commented on the hate speeches of Bia Miranda, who repudiated the influencer’s attitudes.


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