ESPN experts comment on Roger Federer’s departure from tennis

ESPN experts comment on Roger Federer’s departure from tennis
ESPN experts comment on Roger Federer’s departure from tennis

With the departure of Swiss Roger Federer, the 2022 Laver Cup will be historic. The tennis tournament held in London will be the last competition of one of the greatest legends in the history of world tennis. The tournament will have full airing of ESPN 2 and Star+, starting at 9 am this Friday (23), and continues until Sunday (25).

Federer retires as one of the greatest of all time (Lionel Bonaventure / AFP)

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Roger Federer will be part of Team Europe in the competition, which in this edition will be composed of Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray. With this, for the first time, the ‘Big 4’, four of the sport’s all-time greatest rivals that have dominated world tennis over the past two decades, will be playing together.

In preparation for this exciting moment, tennis experts from ESPN and Star+ spoke about Federer’s importance to tennis and shared their expectations for following the retirement of one of the greatest athletes of all time:

Fernando Meligeni:

– Federer has an inexplicable importance for tennis. Because in addition to the results, he is a very active guy, very important off the court. You see how loved, respected and engaged he is. He’s a guy who doesn’t talk much, but he’s always been passionate about tennis. And for those who like tennis, it’s a funny thing, because you can really like Nadal, Djokovic, Murray… but you like Federer too. For everyone it is unanimous. Inside the game well done, beautiful game, impressive skill and absurd plays. So it’s a shame, but everyone comes to an end, right? There’s no way around it, age takes hold and it’s really cool that he can finish his career in the championship he organized himself, where the best players in the world are, even though it’s an exhibition. He will draw a lot of attention on the weekend, which will be very emotional.

Fernando Nardini:

– This is a weekend like few in the history of tennis. Never has such a large number of the ‘greatest player in history’ been gathered in one place. You can’t expect the best Federer, of course, but if he takes the court (there was even that doubt) it’s time to enjoy and celebrate the career of the guy who changed tennis forever, on and off the court.

André Ghem:

– Federer is the greatest sports icon of all time. He is the most popular guy in the history of the sport, who revolutionized tennis. He managed to have a charisma above all averages. He has an incomparable talent, which makes everything look very easy and with a simplicity, with an unusual elegance. He is a unique talent. Playing tennis is very difficult, the movements, the strokes are complicated, and he makes everything look easy, simple, elegant. Federer is the biggest name in the history of tennis, regardless of having the best numbers, because Nadal passed in number of Grand Slams and Djokovic as well. The numbers are comparable, but the style, the elegance, the category, the charisma, the popularity and as an ambassador of the sport Roger has taken tennis to another level. The general public loves him far more than anyone else in the history of tennis. That’s a little bit of what Roger Federer represents. It’s too much. He’s the epitome of the sport, a guy who played and didn’t sweat. He’s different, he’s almost an extraterrestrial.

Teliana Pereira:

– We all knew this moment would come, but we didn’t feel it when we saw the video announcing the retirement. Federer scored in turn: excellence, plasticity, ease, values, love and respect for tennis. Even when his body no longer allowed him to play, he fought a long battle to return to competing for the love of the sport. This is beautiful and striking talking about an athlete who has won everything in tennis. Federer marked tennis forever, what he did on the court was and always will be MAGIC. Anxiety and nostalgia is what many are already feeling waiting for the big moment of farewell. A huge honor and privilege to have had the opportunity to see Federer on the court. The King will be missed, but I hope he stays in tennis. He has a lot to do and to show those who stayed.

With the departure of Roger Federer, the Laver Cup is one of the main attractions of the final stretch of the tennis season and will be broadcast in two time windows: 9 am and 3 pm. After showing all the games of the four Grand Slams, Disney’s sports channels will also show the biggest competitions on the sport’s calendar, with emphasis on the ATP and WTA Circuit Finals, tournaments that will have their decisive stages played in November.

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