‘Corregidor was nominated by Lula for the STJ’, judge Ludmila Grilo reacts

‘Corregidor was nominated by Lula for the STJ’, judge Ludmila Grilo reacts
‘Corregidor was nominated by Lula for the STJ’, judge Ludmila Grilo reacts

The day after the CNJ (National Council of Justice) opened a disciplinary complaint about the conduct of Judge Ludmila Lins Grilo, she used her social media to publish an image of Minister Luis Felipe Salomão, along with the information that in 2008 he he was nominated for the STJ (Superior Court of Justice) by the current presidential candidate Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, from the PT, who was serving his second term at the time.

Salomão assumed a chair at the CNJ in August of this year. The order that determines the opening of the complaint against Ludmila states that there are indications that she has violated provisions of the Organic Law of the Judiciary and the Code of Ethics of the category, by expressing herself on social networks in an “explicit way about ongoing legal proceedings – including through derogatory judgments -, a stance that may have violated functional duties inherent to the judiciary”.

Although the magistrate was not formally cited to defend herself, she used social media to comment on the case. The hashtags (symbol used on social networks to group publications on the same subject) SomosTodosLudmila and SomosTodosDraLudmila were ranked among the most commented topics on Twitter this Wednesday (21).

Until the publication of this article, the tweet with the photo of Minister Salomão had 38,700 likes, 2,588 comments and 11,500 shares. Users of the social network commented on the publication calling the minister a “professional persecutor” and saying that the higher levels have become “left-wing law firms”.

One of the objects of the CNJ’s investigation is the judge’s possible proximity to Allan dos Santos, a Bolsonarista blogger who ran the “Terça Livre” channel, which was taken off the air by court order. In October 2021, Ludmila would have used her networks to publicize the influencer’s new platform, whom she referred to this Wednesday as her friend, reinforcing the intellectual admiration for Santos’ work.

The blogger is currently on the run in the United States and has an open arrest warrant against him.

Another reaction of the magistrate was to publish a provision of Soviet legislation, stating that the institutional criminalization of the political opposition would be a practice of communist regimes that would be repeated at this moment.

Ludmila will have 15 days to defend herself in the disciplinary complaint. The period will begin to run from the day on which she receives the document of summons.


The report tries to contact Judge Ludmila Lins Grilo in search of a position from the magistrate on what happened. The word is open.


The report also contacted the National Justice Council requesting a manifestation regarding the tweet in which Minister Salomão is mentioned. In response, the agency’s press office said it would not comment on the case.

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