VINO11 is featured among IFIX’s highs today; Index rises 0.19%

VINO11 is featured among IFIX’s highs today; Index rises 0.19%
VINO11 is featured among IFIX’s highs today; Index rises 0.19%

The IFIX, the main index of real estate funds on the Brazilian stock exchange (B3), ended today’s trading session (22) up 0.19%, at almost 2,995 points. the background VINO11 was among the main highlights of the session.

THE IFIX quote reached a high of 2,995 points, while the low reached was almost 2,989 points. O VINO11 real estate fund ranked fifth among the highs, ending the trading session at R$49.74.

The discharge of Hospital Nossa Senhora de Lourdes (NSLU11) was 3.22%, being the main positive highlight, followed by Bluemacaw Logística (BLMG11), which rose 2.20%. Meanwhile, Santander Renda de Aluguéis (SARE11) was in third place among the gains in the trading session, with a variation of +2.11%.

In addition, Kinea Fundo de Fundos (KFOF11) was also one of the outstanding funds of the IFIX today, with an appreciation of 2.08%. The Vinci Offices fund (VINO11) had a variation of +1.88% in this trading session.

Among the lows, the highlight was the real estate fund CSHG Imobiliário FOF (HGFF11), with a drop of 2.13%. Then came the Green Towers (GTWR11), which dropped 1.67% and was in second place among the negative highlights of the day.

BR Crédito Imobiliário Estruturado (RBRY11) had a decrease of 0.90%, while Bluemacaw Renda+ FOF (BLMR11) had a variation of -0.64%. Closing the list is Vinci Imóveis Urbanos (VIUR11), down 0.61%. See the full ranking of highs and lows for the session.

Biggest IFIX highs

The top 5 among the highs of the session were:

  • NSLU11: +3.22%
  • BLMG11: +2.20%
  • SARE11: +2.11%
  • KFOF11: +2.08%
  • VINO11: +1.88%

Biggest casualties from IFIX

Meanwhile, the 5 biggest drops of the day were:

  • HGFF11: -2.13%
  • GTWR11: -1.67%
  • RBRY11: -0.90%
  • BLMR11: -0.64%
  • VIUR11: -0.61%

Learn more about VINO11

O VINO11 background is managed by Vinci Real Estate Gestora de Recursos Ltda. The main objective of the FII is to obtain income through investment in the corporate slabs segment, as well as capital gain from the purchase and subsequent sale of the same.

Despite having a broad strategy, the FII VINO11 should preferentially invest in performing assets, mainly leased and classified as class A. The fund is part of the theoretical portfolio of the IFIXwith a share of 0.712% in the index.

The last dividend of VINO11 was paid on September 15, 2022, in the amount of BRL 0.34 per share. This same value has remained stable over the last few months, evenly distributed for the 8th time in a row.

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