Paula Fernandes says she was reborn after a serious car accident

Paula Fernandes says she was reborn after a serious car accident
Paula Fernandes says she was reborn after a serious car accident

Today, Paula Fernandes was the attraction of “Encontro” (TV Globo) and told Patrícia Poeta about the car accident that she and her boyfriend, Rony Cecconello suffered less than a month ago in the interior of São Paulo.

During the report, she said that a runaway car hit them in the rear and she lost control of the steering. The vehicle flipped a few times, and she points out that she only survived because she was wearing a seat belt. The other day, the artist turned 38.

“I’m great, wonderful. We’re fine, we were reborn that day. It’s great to be here, after everything we’ve been through, to be able to experience life in a different way, because for me it was a great learning experience, a turning of the page , a great portal. I am happier, lighter, I want to live each moment intensely, so this meeting of ours is very special”, he added.

“Small things become even smaller, we enhance the issue of love, try to prioritize what is important for our lives, living one day at a time. I am very anxious, Patricia. These are unique moments, we have to enjoy and this is the message I leave,” he concluded.

remember the accident

A month ago, the singer Paula Fernandes, 38 years old, caused a great astonishment in her followers by sharing a photo of her overturned car. Last night, she overturned the vehicle after being hit by a runaway car on the Castello Branco highway, in São Paulo, as she was returning home with her boyfriend, businessman Rony Cecconello.

“I just know that I’m alive and I know that yesterday I was reborn… This shocking image represents the hardest day of my life, when I thought it would be the end of us… A lot went through my head in those seconds of horror and when it finally stopped, I just wanted to know how Ron was doing? And he was fine!” she wrote in an Instagram post.

In an account published on social media, Paula Fernandes says she was on her way back to her home in the countryside when a runaway car hit the back of the vehicle. So she lost control of the steering from the force of the impact and the car flipped a few times until it stopped on the side of the road.

“I have a lot to say in this message. I’m still in shock, the scene repeats like a movie, I feel tachycardia and fear when I remember. It was very difficult to sleep tonight. But the most important thing of all at this moment is that we were reborn. We are grateful that we survived this accident.”

What saved us? God. The car that ended up on the outside, but protected us like a safe, avoiding the worst, and the seat belt, which can save many people’s lives as it saved ours. We’re fine, scared, but fine. I hurt my arm a little, but Ron only had a few scratches.
Paula Fernandes

Celebrating 38 years today, the singer says that having escaped with her life from the serious accident is a “gift from God” and now considers August 27 as a date of celebration for having been reborn.

“Today is my birthday and God gave me the opportunity to stay alive! Is it a fresh start? And on this day of so many mixed feelings and emotions, I just want to thank you. Thank you, God, for giving us this chance to stay one more time here on Earth. We don’t know what could have happened”, he highlighted.

I know my time will come and I was able to experience this very clearly yesterday. But, faced with the gift of being alive and being able to write this message, I want to start over, reflect more on all this and move on. Day 08/27/2022, the day I was reborn to a happier, fuller, lighter and full of gratitude life. I want to be with the ones I love more and make my next few days the best of my life.
Paula Fernandes

She ended the rally by thanking friends and fans who were sending her birthday wishes. “Are we finite? We have to enjoy our time here. I appreciate all the messages of affection and affection for my birthday. And now that I’ve been reborn, we have much more to celebrate”, she concluded.

In the comments, friends and fans left messages of affection and welcome for the artist after the scare.

“Thank God they are well! Deliverance,” wrote one follower. “Glad to know you’re all right! Strength to you,” posted another fan. “God is good all the time!”, celebrated a third internet user.

THE splash, Paula Fernandes’ advice said that the singer did not need medical attention or be hospitalized, as she only had slight abrasions on her arm. “She’s pretty scared, but she’s fine. She didn’t have any serious injuries or needing medical attention.”

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