Leandro Lehart was convicted in testimonies of the victim and a psychologist

Leandro Lehart was convicted in testimonies of the victim and a psychologist
Leandro Lehart was convicted in testimonies of the victim and a psychologist

Leandro Lehart was convicted of rape and maintenance of false imprisonment based on reports by the alleged victim and the professional who would have attended to her.

splash contacted the MP-SP (Public Ministry of São Paulo), which confirmed that the main evidence against the artist — sentenced to almost 10 years in prison — were the testimonies of Rita de Cássia Correia and her psychologist.

The woman who accuses the artist spoke about the case and the traumas she has been dealing with since then in an interview that aired last night on “Fantástico” (TV Globo).

She said that she had had sex with the musician before the rape, and that he had never been violent. In 2019, however, Leandro changed his stance, immobilized her and subjected her to a degrading situation that the report described as “a grotesque and eschatological act of violence”.

“It’s not me who has to be ashamed, it’s him”, he says.

Their relationship began in 2017, when Rita sent a message praising Leandro’s work and was invited to the musician’s house to play the piano and get to know the studio. The house is located in an upscale region in the north of São Paulo.

In five encounters, there were sexual relations: “Always very polite, very kind, very courteous”, described Rita in the interview.

In 2019, however, the two were in the musician’s bedroom when he suggested they go to the bathroom. There, according to Rita, Leandro adopted an aggressive posture, immobilized her and committed the act:

“In my mouth. I already started to struggle asking him to stop and trying to get him off me, but I couldn’t. He still masturbated until he reached orgasm.”

Then he left her locked in the bathroom: “I screamed at him to let me out of there, and he wouldn’t. I’m going to you let it out of there when you calm down so we can talk'”.

“He said I could do it with him the same way because I was overreacting, that I’d see that it’s not like that. That it’s just the first time I’d be like this, scared.”

Rita says that Leandro began to question whether she expected a serious relationship and uttered racist insults: “What do you think that I would like a black girl like you?”

She says that after the episode, she developed serious emotional problems, lost her job and attempted suicide: “Me I threw myself down a very long flight of stairs there in desperation, wanting to get away from everything I was going through”.

About six months after the event, Leandro Lehart would have returned to look for Rita: “By messages, he began to redeem himself without taking his guilt in a confession”.

In a message, the musician would have said: “If I humiliated you sexually and you are in this situation, I assume it. I’m very ashamed, but I accept it. Why I did this with a woman, in exchange for my pleasure. I was selfish. If you feel entitled to report me, do so. I won’t be upset.”

She also claims that Leandro gave her money on three occasions, in amounts between R$900 and R$200. In October 2020, he filed a police report saying he was being blackmailed or extorted.

What does the singer say?

splash contacted the artist in search of a position, but received no response. The singer gave his version via social media.

“My loves, I’m being the victim of a great injustice, but the truth will soon prevail. It’s 40 years of career and 50 years of life believing in justice, and even if it’s late, it doesn’t fail. And evil will never prevail . Thank you for everything”, he said.

On Instagram, he also posted a message from the lawyer Davi de Paiva Costa Tangerino, who informed that the case is in secret and that “the final decision is pending”.

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