Campo Belo family wins the 14th Municipal Amateur Football Championship of Campinas – Gold Series B

Campo Belo family wins the 14th Municipal Amateur Football Championship of Campinas – Gold Series B
Campo Belo family wins the 14th Municipal Amateur Football Championship of Campinas – Gold Series B

The final was played this Sunday, at Praça Argemiro Roque, in São Bernardo, against Vida Nova. Eight teams move up to the Gold A series

September 19, 2022 · 2:53 pm

Campo Belo family lifts the Gold Series B cup of the Campinas Amateur Football Championship. (Photo: Publicity/PMC)

This Sunday (18)the Campo Belo Family won the Gold Series B of the Campinas Municipal Amateur Football Championship. The final, broadcast by Tudo EP, was disputed against Imperial New Life and Elenílson Pereira, Leleh, scored the winning goal in the first half.

The Campo Belo team had an impeccable campaign. There were eight games played, winning six and drawing two. According to the Municipality of Campinas, more than two thousand fans watched the final in Praça Argemiro Roque, in São Bernardo.


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The Secretary of Sports and Leisure, Fernando Vanin, praised the credibility of the competition, which was resumed this year, after the most critical period of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The festive atmosphere among the fans reinforces the importance of the championship. It’s a fresh start in style, where sport is valued, through this passion that is amateur football”, confirmed Vanin.


The Campo Belo Family was created in 2020. In addition to the title, the undefeated campaign and the 20 points conquered, goalkeeper Natan dos Santos Teixeira was the least leaked in the competitionwith 8 goals conceded.

The Imperial New Life is older, was founded in 1996 and also reached the final unbeaten. There were six wins and two defeats, adding 20 points in the competition. Fabiano Lima was the championship’s runner-up with 7 goals scored. With only 15 yellow cards and no red cards, Imperial was the most disciplined team in the tournament.


The 14th Municipal Amateur Football Championship of Campinas – Gold Series B started on the 14th of august with 64 teams enrolled. were disputed 126 games and 454 goals scoreds, an average of 3.6 goals per game. According to the City, about 30,000 people watched the competition

Eight teams gained access to compete in the Elite Amateur Divisionthe Gold Series A, in 2023. They are: Dic City Futebol Clube, Academics Dic VI, Imperial Vida Nova (Vice-Champion), Campo Belo Family (Champion), Parque Anhumas, Três Marias, Adhemar de Barros and São Luiz.


Tudo EP broadcasts, every Sunday, a match from the Ouro A Series of the Campinas Municipal Amateur Football Championship. This Sunday, Tudo EP broadcast the victory of Unidos do Novo Campos Elíseos over Vila Boa Vista by 2-1. The match was narrated by Pedro Guilherme, comments by Eliel Almeida and reporting by Leo Tonin. With the three points, Campos Elíseos took the lead of Group C in an isolated way, with 7 points won.

All the games of the third round of the city’s elite amateur took place this Sunday (18). The highlights were the routs that took place by Group D. Grêmio Cafézinho scored 5-0 at Taryok and Vila Rica beat 31 Novo Horizonte 4-1. With the wide victories, the two teams dispute the leadership of the group with 7 points. Cafézinho has an advantage in goal difference, 8 against 6 for Vila Rica.

In Group A, Bartira’s took the lead after beating Fernanda 2-1. With the result, the team reached 5 points. Three teams follow with 4 points: Bangu, Granada and Parque Brasilia.

For Group B, the dispute is even more fierce. There are four teams with 4 points: Purity, Oziel, Monte Cristo and Galacticos.
All results, classification, artillery and more information about Amateur Football are on Tudo EP.


With the transmission of TUDO EP, C. Elíseos adds 3 points and leads Group C

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