What will happen today in the Pantanal soap opera today, Monday (19/9)

What will happen today in the soap opera Pantanal will be the beginning of the outcome of Solano’s (Rafa Sieg) story. Marcelo (Lucas Leto) and Guta (Julia Dalavia) will tell José Leôncio (Marcos Palmeira) that the boy was in fact armed and that he was fired by Tenório (Murilo Benício). The hired killer will flee to Juma’s (Alanis Guillen) shack, but will be targeted by the jaguar girl.

What will happen today in the Pantanal soap opera at the beginning of the week

The chapter of this Monday’s soap opera Pantanal, 19, begins with a visit by Guta and Marcelo to José Leôncio’s farm. After Zefa (Paula Barbosa) is discredited and fired by the farmer, the young people go to the cattle king’s house to say that maybe she is right, as he found a gun in Solano’s belongings.

Guta and Marcelo say that this was the reason why the worker was fired, not knowing that it was Solano and Tenório himself who faked the resignation so that no one would suspect that he is a hired killer.

José Leôncio will apologize to Zefa for having doubted his word. Who will also help to unmask the killer will be Irma (Camila Morgado), who will have a vision provided by the cramullion and will say that Solano lied when she said she was going to Aquidauana. Already Muda (Bella Campos) will sense that there will be a death on the farm.

Unmasked by the Leôncio family, Solano will flee to Juma’s tapera, believing that the house is abandoned and that it is a good place to hide. He will also shoot Velho do Rio (Osmar Prado), who will appear at the location.

Still in today’s chapter, Zaquieu (Silvero Pereira) assumes responsibility for having arrested Solano when he was on the farm, to free Alcides (Juliano Cazarré) from responsibility. Tadeu (José Loreto) says once again that he doesn’t want to get married. At Tenório’s farm, Zuleica (Aline Borges) accuses her husband of being jealous of Maria Bruaca (Isabel Teixeira).

There will also be a bombastic reveal from Velho do Rio to Juma. The entity will reveal to the jaguar girl that Tadeu is not José Leôncio’s son, but asks the protagonist to keep it a secret. “Not even Joventino can know”, he will ask.

Solan 2

Solano (rafa sieg) will flee to the farm of juma (alanis guillen); what will happen today in the soap opera pantanal, – photo: reproduction/rede globo

Solano dies in the soap opera Pantanal?

Solano dies in Pantanal, but the scenes only air on Thursday, the 22nd. In this week’s chapters, the hired killer will continue to live in the tapera when Juma decides to go there. Upon arriving there, the jaguar girl doesn’t realize that the bandit is lurking, waiting for the right moment to attack her.

The killer surrenders Juma and asks for the Velho do Rio (Osmar Prado), threatening the girl. She still tells the protagonist that she shot the entity, which makes her feel a lot of ‘anger’.

It is then that Juma transforms into a jaguar and attacks the hired killer. It will be possible to hear the animal’s bellowing and the desperate screams of Solano, who will be killed by the girl.

After the bandit’s death, Muda will be scared to see her friend dragging Solano’s body, but she will ask the jaguar to kill Tenório.

It will also be in this week that Juma’s daughter will be born. In Friday’s episode, the protagonist will give birth to her leopard with the help of Velho do Rio, as she will insist that her daughter come into the world in the tapera, which will make Jove (Jesuíta Barbosa) angry and Mariana (Selma Egrei) worried.

The son of Trindade (Gabriel Sater) and Irma (Camila Morgado) is also born. The redhead will have a difficult delivery, but the devil will appear to help her.

Jaguar of the Pantanal soap opera

Juma turns jaguar and kills solano – photo: reproduction/rede globo

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