MS closes Youth Games with 7 gold medals

Mato Grosso do Sul ended its participation in the 2022 Youth Games, and brought 21 medals in its suitcase. There were seven gold, eight silver and six bronze medals. The edition took place in Aracaju (SE), in 16 days of dispute.

Among the 27 federative units, MS ranked 8th.

Peterson Fernandes wins two medals (Photo: Paulo Palhares/CRE-Três Lagoas)

In all, the competition brought together 4,100 athletes, aged between 15 and 17 years. Mato Grosso do Sul was represented with 161 people, composed of:

  • 134 student athletes
  • 16 technicians
  • 9 officers
  • 2 physiotherapists

The modality in which MS stood out the most at the Youth Games was Olympic wrestling, or wrestling, as it is also known. In this sport alone, there were six medals.

Olympic wrestling stands out in the Youth Games (Photo: Paulo Palhares/CRE-Três Lagoas)

MS balance in the Youth Games

The Youth Games were organized in the team format in collective modalities for the first time, which allowed the formation of teams with athletes from different schools.

Also unprecedented, was that Mato Grosso do Sul reached the semifinals with teams in four sports: basketball, handball, futsal and volleyball, both for men and women.

Undefeated and losing just one set throughout the Youth Games, the male volleyball team from Mato Grosso do Sul brought the gold medal.

MS participated in 14 of the 15 modalities played in the competition, having won medals in 9 of them. The State Team was organized and coordinated by Fundesporte (Fundação de Desporto e Lazer de Mato Grosso do Sul)

The next Youth Games will take place in the cities of Ribeirão Preto (SP), in 2023, and in Blumenau (SC), in 2024.

MS representative athletes
Athletes representing MS (Photo: Paulo Palhares/CRE-Três Lagoas)

Check below the list of all medals won by MS


Isabela Rosa Dantas, in the javelin throw (athletics)

Men’s Volleyball – Third Division

Marciel Martinez Gonçalves – freestyle up to 110 kg

Marciel Martinez Gonçalves – Greco-Roman style up to 110 kg (wrestling)

Peterson Fernandes – road race (cycling)

Mixed team (MS/ES), freestyle (wrestling)

Julianna Silva – light heavy up to 70 kg (judo)


Amanda Campos Abdallah, in the 200 meters butterfly (swimming)

Bruna Ramos Scaff, in the 200 meters butterfly (swimming)

Men’s Futsal – Second Division

Luan Alves Cabral – freestyle up to 55kg (wrestling)

Peterson Fernandes – point test (cycling)

Manuela Souza – heavy over 70 kg (judo)

Women’s Handball – Second Division

Women’s Basketball – Second Division


Ana Laura Pereira Cordeiro, in the 800 meters (athletics)

Women’s Volleyball – Second Division

José Luiz Prado – freestyle up to 65 kg (wrestling)

Thiago Boazal – point test (cycling)

Luan Alves Cabral – Greco-Roman style up to 55kg (wrestling)

Men’s Handball – Second Division

Men's futsal is silver in the games (Photo: Paulo Palhares/CRE-Três Lagoas
Men’s futsal is silver in the games (Photo: Paulo Palhares/CRE-Três Lagoas)

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