Polio survivor tells how he learned to live with pain – catve.com

Polio survivor tells how he learned to live with pain – catve.com
Polio survivor tells how he learned to live with pain – catve.com

Medicine and science are great allies of the population’s well-being and quality of life. Vaccination is extremely important for health conservation. Most diseases can be prevented with vaccines, which are good options for protection against a variety of serious illnesses and their complications.


The lawyer and president of the Lions Club, José Cláudio, and the pulmonologist, Humberto Golfieri Junior, have a common history and appeals for parents from Cascavel.

At the age of nine, José Cláudio was affected by infantile paralysis and has to deal with physical problems in everyday life, every day. At the time, the vaccine was not yet available to the population.

José Cláudio points out that in each case the symptoms are different and, in his case, he suffers from a marked problem in his left leg, partially in his right leg. The lower limb structure became more sensitive, thin and flaccid. In addition, he has to live with constant pain.

“A free vaccine, where the secretariats do a fantastic job and even so many parents are not taking their children to vaccinate”, highlights José Claúdio.

Humberto Golfieri Junior had part of his left leg, part of his right leg and part of his right arm affected by the disease: “I am 62 years old now and I was a victim of polio at nine months, I ended up not being vaccinated and contracted infantile paralysis. vaccine is extremely safe, and it avoids all the sequelae. Young parents: vaccinate your children so that this disease remains eradicated. A little drop saves lives”, he concluded.

The Child and Adolescent Statute is categorical: vaccination of children is mandatory in cases recommended by health authorities. Lawyers explain that it is up to fathers, mothers or guardians to comply with the law.


This weekend, 199 children were vaccinated at the Zoo, Feira do Teatro and Shopping JL. The doses were for the little ones between 1 year and 4 years, 11 months and 29 days. Altogether, more than 18,000 children meet this profile in Cascavel. The campaign’s goal is to reach 100% of the target audience, according to the last survey on Friday (16), the number was only 42.9%.

“It is a worrying situation, bearing in mind that polio is a serious disease and has been eradicated in the country for 30 years, but this is due to high vaccination coverage. Once the population is not vaccinated, the chance of the virus returning is very high”, says the Coordinator of the Municipal Immunization Program, Ana Carolina Rossin.

In addition, the Health Train remains in front of Nossa Senhora Aparecida Cathedral. Parents can also seek the health units in the neighborhood where they live for immunization. The vaccination campaign until September 30.


On April 12, 1955, the discovery of the first vaccine against poliomyelitis, a disease also known as infantile paralysis, was announced to the world. Discovered by the American scientist Jonas Salk, who had been developing it since 1954, it was called the Salk Vaccine. It was administered by injection.

The first tests were effective in 80% of cases. It was the beginning of the victory against polio, caused by a highly contagious virus that mainly affects young children. Seven years after the discovery, researcher and physician Albert Sabin develops another vaccine, the famous droplet, administered orally, cheaper and highly effective. With the two vaccines, polio is considered eradicated from the world in 1994.


Polio multiplies in the intestines, invades the nervous system and causes deformities in the body, which can lead to death. The epidemic worsened in 1952. Fifty-eight thousand new cases were reported in the United States alone, where more than three thousand people died of the disease. In Brazil, the most serious epidemic of poliomyelitis occurred in 1986, in the Northeast. Investigations showed that the problem lay with the type 3 serum vaccine, used since 1980 and which did not provide sufficient protection. The vaccine was then modified and polio eradicated.

Today, most countries promote vaccination campaigns against infantile paralysis using the Sabin vaccine, which is also part of the basic vaccination schedule for Brazilian children who take three basic doses of the vaccine.




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