Petrobras (PETR4) Reduces Diesel Sales Prices to Distributors

THE Petrobras (PETR4) announced this Monday, 19, that, as of tomorrow, 20, will decrease in BRL 0.30 or price average of sale in diesel to the distributors.

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With this, the value of the liter will go from R$ 5.19 to R$ 4.89. THE reduction is equivalent to 5.78%.

Considering the mandatory mixture of 90% of diesel A and 10% of biodiesel for the composition of the diesel sold at gas stations, the share of Petrobras the consumer price will rise from R$ 4.67, on average, to R$ 4.40 for each liter sold at the pump.

“This reduction follows the evolution of reference prices and is consistent with Petrobras’ pricing practice, which seeks to balance its prices with the market, but without passing on to domestic prices the conjuncture volatility of quotations and the exchange rate. ”says the state company, in a note.

In the last month, the price of a barrel of oil has been retreating, leaving something close to US$ 100 to be negotiated, today, at about US$ 90 – also far from the peak of more than US$ 120, reached in June of this year. year.

At the beginning of August, the Petrobras carried out two reductions in the price of diesel, on the 4th and 11th, respectively, having taken the price per liter from the level of R$ 5.61.

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Earlier today, the Brazilian Association of Fuel Importers (Abicom) announced that the price of diesel in Brazil, taking into account that charged at the stations, was about 10% above international parity – with the value of fuel having to fall BRL 0.47 to match the price charged abroad.

Petrobras Result in the Second Quarter of 2022

Petrobras’ results (PETR4) for its 2Q22 operations were released on July 28, showing a net income of R$54.3 billion in 2Q22, up 26.8% from the same quarter of the previous year .

Petrobras’ adjusted Ebitda reached R$ 98.3 billion in 2Q22, showing a growth of 58.6% compared to 2Q21.

Petrobras’ adjusted Ebitda margin totaled 57.5% in 2Q22, showing a growth of 1.6 percentage points compared to 2Q21.

Petrobras’ net margin reached 31.8% in 2Q22, showing a decrease of -6.9 percentage points compared to 2Q21.

Petrobras shares (PETR4) have accumulated a drop of 1.73% on the stock exchange in the last 7 days and a rise of 99.01% in the last 12 months.

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