Woman ends up killing husband after assault and attempted femicide in MS

Naviraí Civil Police Department

The slogan ‘violence generates violence’, but despite the fact that it is also a crime, in theory, the ‘spell turned against the sorcerer’ Adriano Rocha Guimarães, 38, who, after beating and trying to kill his then wife, ended up dying at her hands, at dawn on Monday (19), in Naviraí, 359 kilometers from Campo Grande.

She, after suffering aggression for at least two years and an attempt at femicide, ended up killing her husband, Adriano, with several stab wounds. The crime happened in the early hours of today, where the first information is, that the couple was at home when, around 1 am, Adriano started to argue with his wife about a slipper lost during one of the moves, which he had seen at the feet of the woman’s stepfather.

Adriano then punched the victim in the face and then went to the kitchen, took a knife and struck the woman. To defend herself, she also took a knife and stabbed Adriano in the ribs. The man tried to run and fell between the fridge and the kitchen stove.

Frightened, the woman ran to a neighbor to ask for help. The Fire Department was called, but Adriano was already dead. The woman had already moved to another city after being attacked by her husband who was chasing her where she was.

Attempted femicide

On May 25, 2021, Adriano tried to shoot his wife and to escape he simulated that she had attempted to kill herself. He called the victim’s stepfather and asked him to go urgently to the couple’s residence.

When the family arrived, they found the victim bloodied inside the car. Adriano said he was helping the woman, but as soon as family members arrived he ran away and was no longer found.

The woman was taken to the hospital and told that her husband had shot her. The shot hit the victim in the chest, transfixing the back.

In August of this year, a record was made of domestic violence against Adriano by his wife. The couple was drinking when the man proceeded to hit her with punches. During his arrest, drugs were discovered on the motorcycle he was riding.

The woman also said that she even moved to another city after the separation since Adriano was chasing her and would not leave her alone.

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