Isa Penna is threatened with death and asks the Regional Electoral Attorney for an investigation

Isa Penna is threatened with death and asks the Regional Electoral Attorney for an investigation
Isa Penna is threatened with death and asks the Regional Electoral Attorney for an investigation

SÃO PAULO, SP (FOLHAPRESS) – State deputy Isa Penna (PC do B), candidate for federal deputy for São Paulo, will file a representation at the Regional Electoral Prosecutor’s Office in São Paulo, this Monday (19), to request an urgent investigation of a death threat she received via email over the weekend.

In the text, the aggressor “demands” that the mandate of the São Paulo state deputy Douglas Garcia [Republicanos] not be impeached and that, instead, Isa Penna resigns, otherwise he will “invade the Legislative Assembly and carry out a massacre”.

Unlike other threats already received by the deputy, which were anonymous, in this one the email is signed by Emerson Eduardo Rodrigues Setim, a man who was arrested in 2012 by the Federal Police for maintaining a website with publications against blacks, Jews, women, homosexuals and Northeasterners. In 2019, his name was also involved in death threats against then deputy Jean Wylls.

“It is extremely serious. In addition to all the cursing and threats, it is a clear attempt at intimidation and the heart of a woman who is a parliamentarian and candidate for federal deputy”, says Isa Penna’s lawyer, Maíra Recchia.

“It is also important to investigate the conduct of Deputy Douglas Garcia, since he appears to be defended in the midst of the aggressions”, she says.

After Garcia’s attacks on journalist Vera Magalhães, on Tuesday (13), at the end of the debate between candidates for the Government of São Paulo, parliamentarians filed representations in Alesp’s ethics council asking for the removal of the deputy’s mandate.

Maíra Recchia, who works together with lawyer Priscila Pamela dos Santos, says that they decided to file a request directly with the Regional Electoral Prosecutor’s Office, as it is a political gender violence. In the representation, they also ask for the preventive detention of Emerson Eduardo, if it is proven that he is the author of the email.

The threat was sent on Sunday (18) to the institutional email of Isa Penna. It was an employee of her team who opened the message this Monday morning (19).

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The parliamentarian continues with her campaign commitments and says that she will not bow to attempts to silence her.

In the text of the email, the attacker calls Isa Penna a “freak”, “Trakinas cookie face”, “disgusting shoe” and “bitch”. He also says that she earns a fortune, while he is unemployed, living on Auxílio Brasil and with his wife diagnosed with breast cancer.

He also claims that he will buy a pistol on a hill in Rio de Janeiro and a one-way ticket to São Paulo to kill her. “I already have all your data and I’m going to show up in your office at the Legislative Assembly”.

He threatens to “kill all deputies and advisors” he finds, set fire to the Assembly building and, in the end, kill himself.

The email ends with the aggressor saying that there’s no point in her warning the police or hanging around with security. “Resign or nothing in the world will stop me from killing you and then kill me.”

As Folha de S.Paulo showed, this year’s election will be the first with a law on political gender violence in effect.

Approved last year, Law 14,192 establishes that it is a crime to harass, embarrass, humiliate, persecute or threaten a candidate, with contempt or discrimination against the condition of a woman or even her color, race or ethnicity. The law also applies to women who already hold elective positions.

The punishment is up to four years imprisonment and a fine. If the violence occurs on the internet and on social networks, the sentence can reach six years.

The movement to tighten the rules against aggressors was spearheaded by the women’s caucus in Congress, which has seen episodes of attacks in politics escalate in recent years.

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