Mar do Serto: Candoca asks for the divorce of Tertulinho

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Candoca (Isadora Cruz) is going to make an important decision this week in Mar do Sertão and will ask Tertulinho (Renato Góes) for a divorce, but that doesn’t mean she will give herself to Zé Paulino (Sérgio Guizé). She is torn with the situation.

The last straw for her decision is when Zé Paulino goes to Candoca and Tertulinho’s wedding party. The husband’s reaction to the rival’s presence at the celebration does not please Tertulinho. Provoked, he ends up leaving for aggression.

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Manduca questions José’s absence. Tertulinho comments to Deodora that he believes that Candoca wants the separation. Mirinho finds Adamastor and realizes that the man has lost his sight. Laura guides Xaviera to buy part of Colonel Tertúlio’s land on behalf of the company. Cato alerts the colonel about the infestation of pests in his plantation. Maruan advises José about Manduca. Deodora asks Lorena to organize Tertulinho and Candoca’s wedding party.


Mirinho gives up on taking Adamastor’s life. Tereza is suspicious of the ring that Timbó has. José asks Candoca for help to get closer to Manduca. Candoca tells Lorena that she doesn’t want a party for her wedding anniversary with Tertulinho. Vespertino tricks Tereza and buys Latifa’s ring. Maruan charges Timbó the ring. Timbó and Rosinha suspect the origin of Mirinho’s money.


Lorena convinces Labibe to help organize Candoca and Tertulinho’s wedding party. Timbó is enchanted by Xaviera, who disguises himself in front of Vanclei. Labibe gives up participating in the organization of the wedding party. Timbó notices the infestation of plagues in the Coronel’s land, and Xaviera is disappointed with the failure of her purchase. Candoca reveals to Lorena that he wants to separate from Tertulinho. José asks to talk to Candoca.


Candoca argues with José, and Tertulinho is satisfied. Tomás sympathizes with Rosinha’s frustration with her dream of studying. Maruan explains to Tomás how he will help Rosinha study. Timbó scolds the approach between Tomás and Rosinha. Deodora approves of Lorena’s organization for the party. Tertulinho buys Latifa de Vespertino’s ring. Mirinho is interested in Laura, and Cira makes fun of his friend. Candoca is surprised by the surprise party of his wedding to Tertulinho.


Nivalda realizes that Candoca didn’t like Tertulinho’s surprise. Sabá Bodó follows Cira’s broadcast directly from the party. Labibe warns Lorena about Candoca’s anger at her. Candoca confronts Deodora. Savinho flirts with Labibe, and Maruan gets upset. Deodora disapproves of the presence of Timbó’s family in her house. Sabbat hatches a plan with Floro Borromeo. Labibe is surprised when Laura and Tereza recognize Maruan. José arrives at Candoca and Tertulinho’s party.


Tertulinho is revolted by the arrival of José. Maruan asks Laura to keep her real identity a secret. Cira celebrates the success of her vlog. Vanclei threatens Xaviera, and Timbó notices. José and Tertulinho face off, and Candoca gets angry with them both. Tomás explains to Tereza how Rosinha can study. Floro passes information to Saba straight from the party. Candoca asks for a divorce.

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