Windows 11 gets an improvement to run Android apps better

Before the official launch of Windows 11, one of the great appeals of the system was the possibility of being able to run Android applications “natively”. And the Microsoft really kept the promise.

Running Android apps on Windows 11 is possible thanks to Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA). However, in addition to not being a popular feature among users, there were numerous bugs and instabilities when running Android apps. Well, Microsoft is trying to change that.

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unexpected update

Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) is a kind of subsystem that runs inside Windows. All Android apps run in the WSA environment. Therefore, it is critical to update this component frequently. And that’s what Microsoft was doing.

Every month the company releases an update to the WSA. The update for the month of August had already been released. It was version 2206.4000.15.0. Maaaassss… on the last day of the month, unexpectedly, Microsoft releases a new update for the WSA.

It is about version number 2207.40000.8.0. THE update brings more than 10 new features, including bug fixes and stability improvements. But why did Microsoft decide to release this urgent update? We do not know. we only know that she significantly improves the user experience when running Android apps within Windows 11.

What improvements have been implemented?

Microsoft has taken care of fixing several bugs in the WSA. One of them is a app restart bug. Now apps can be restarted without any problems. Another bug fixed involves the Windows Subsystem for Android compatibility page scrollbar. This is the WSA settings screen and from time to time it malfunctioned.

Another bug fix implemented by Microsoft involves the resizing apps in windows 11. Before, when trying to resize an app, it would not keep the proportions and look stretched. Application windows now retain their proportions when being resized.

The WSA also now renders Android “toast” warnings better. These warnings are displayed immediately. They have this name because they resemble toast coming out of the toaster.

Among the new features and functionality there is a gamer mode. In this mode, it is easier to map the keyboard to configure commands that on the cell phone are done with touches on the screen. There is also another feature that includes dialog boxes for better game control.

Finally, the other new features of this WSA update involve optimizing the use of VPNs, updating the Amazon AppStore store with more apps available, and standard Android security updates. It is important to point out, however, that this exceptional update was made only for the participants of the Windows Insider testing program.

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