If you like stickers, this NEW WhatsApp tool will drive you crazy

If you like stickers, this NEW WhatsApp tool will drive you crazy
If you like stickers, this NEW WhatsApp tool will drive you crazy

Nowadays, stickers have become a real rage among WhatsApp users. See how to improve your experience with them even further!

To the WhatsApp stickers They quickly became a rage among the app’s users, who send several conversations every day. After all, it is an important way of expressing yourself.

Now, have you ever thought that this interaction with the stickers could be even better? See how you can completely transform this custom with a new feature!

Do you use a lot of stickers on WhatsApp? Then see how to make your own! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Stickers revolutionized WhatsApp

Firstly, WhatsApp, since its launch in 2009, has transformed the way we communicate by introducing features like texting, audio, calling and video calling.

Stickers, in particular, have become a popular form of expression among users, allowing them to personalize conversations with a touch of humor and creativity.

Changes to the app’s stickers

Recently, WhatsApp announced a significant advancement, launching a tool that allows users create your own stickers within the application.

This innovation eliminates the need for third-party applications to create stickers, offering more convenience and integration.

How to create WhatsApp stickers from scratch?

The functionality, initially available for the WhatsApp Beta for Windows, allows users to create stickers directly on the computer.

Firstly, the process is simple: open a conversation, select the sticker icon, choose the create option and select an image from your gallery.

From there, you can crop, add text, drawings or emojis to your sticker and save it for future use.

Function is coming!

This new tool represents a significant step for WhatsApp, reinforcing its commitment to offering a complete and customizable communication platform.

With this update, users have even more freedom to express their emotions and share moments in unique and creative ways.

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Things you should avoid on WhatsApp

Furthermore, in the WhatsApp universe, communication flows freely, but there are limits that should not be crossed to maintain a healthy and safe environment.

Therefore, knowing these limits is crucial to avoid serious consequences, such as banning the application.

Below, see which six categories of messages should be avoided:

1. Sensitive requests

Asking for personal or financial information, like passwords or credit card numbers, is a big no. This can be interpreted as an attempt at fraud, leading to discomfort and possible accusations.

2. Inappropriate content

Next, messages with pornographic, violent content or that cause discomfort are strictly prohibited. Privacy and mutual respect must be maintained in all interactions.

3. Threats and intimidation

Furthermore, any form of threat, harassment or intimidation not only violates WhatsApp rules but can also have serious legal implications.

4. Gossip and defamation

Spreading rumors, defaming people or spreading false information undermines the integrity of conversations and goes against the app’s policies.

5. Discrimination and offenses

Messages with discriminatory, racist, sexist, homophobic content or any type of hate speech are unacceptable and may lead to legal action.

6. Spam and chain letters

Finally, send bulk messages unsolicited messages or participating in chain letters is considered spam. This practice is annoying and can lead to account blocking.

Maintain order on WhatsApp

By adhering to these guidelines, WhatsApp users can ensure a pleasant and safe communication experience, preserving the quality of interactions and avoiding the risk of banning.

Respecting others and the platform’s rules is essential to maintaining a healthy digital environment.

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